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(These observations on female supremacy in the framework of marriage and the family are excerpted and gratefully reprinted with permission from Mark Remond’s “Worshipping Your Wife” blog, where Ms. Amanda was a featured guest host on June 1, June 13, and June 27, 2013.—Tom Lavalle)


A male’s position in life is to serve the superior female sex.

The ideal state of man is to be completely subjugated by a powerful woman.

The ideal male doesn’t question or rebel. He knows his place in life, which is always to be at the feet of his Goddess.

It takes a superior female to make a male’s life and submission complete and meaningful; without her he will revert back to his empty shell of worthless manhood.


Female authority is not a game to be switched on for a few hours each day or week, during leisure time. It is a lifestyle. Ladies, if you want to control your husband, then you must control him in the domestic situation, in the work situation and yes in the bedroom too.

The next generation of females is being shown how to train and handle males.

All males, regardless of age, need to be controlled.

About that time in my life, I discovered that I could twist my
boyfriends around my little finger. I remember feeling great pride and satisfaction as they became more docile and respectful to me. This gradually led me to embrace my strongly held beliefs in female authority. By the time I met my future husband at university, the die had been cast, and I was determined that I would start our relationship off on the right track—my track!

Slowly bring your male to his knees, in absolute submission.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than putting males in their proper place, at my feet.


I believe in corporal punishment for recalcitrant males.

If I think my male is not completely sincere in his submission, I will severely correct him.

A male’s obedience and submission must be constantly tested. Anytime I come to believe that his commitment to me is anything less than 100%, there will be severe consequences. I will break him down.

Male insubordination is quite common in the first stages of a female-led relationship. It must be stamped out quickly. Otherwise he will feel that he can keep pushing his boundaries. In my household my reaction [to insubordination] would be swift and resolute. He would be severely caned.

When the children are out of the house or in bed, my training of my husband intensifies exponentially. But I am becoming a little stricter with him in front of the children. For instance, having my husband sitting on the floor instead of the sofa is symbolic of his lower standing in the family hierarchy, below his wife.

I believe the best place for a man is at his wife’s feet.

My husband sitting on the floor is not a humiliation for him; it is a show of deference to me. He has now started sitting on the floor next to me when watching TV or playing with the children. In fact, I have now given him his own cushion!


Financial control is a good place to start in a loving female-led relationship, and I did this with my husband before we were even married. The sooner this is done, the better, in my opinion. We have a joint account into which our salaries are paid. My husband has no access to this account though, as I keep the cards and passwords. I provide him with a weekly allowance, the amount of which is determined each week at the Sunday family meetings.

It is important that a man knows his spending can be scrutinized by his wife at any time. By having his allowance limited, my husband is unlikely to make frivolous purchases. If he wants to do so for some reason, he must ask me first. I decide whether or not his request is reasonable. In this way his thoughts are continually focused on me, every time he opens his wallet.


Next is control of the household chores. Quite simply, my husband does them all! Vacuuming, dusting, cooking, washing and ironing, everything! He only works part time, as my salary is sufficient to keep us in our current lifestyle. Therefore he has plenty of time to do these chores.

The more a husband does for his wife, the more she will come to expect from him. From little acorns grow mighty oaks!

A man should be very tired at the end of each day because of hisr chores and seeing to the needs of his goddess ruler. If he is not tired, he is not working hard enough toward these goals. His every waking minute should be geared toward making himself a better servant through his submission.

End Part One (to be continued...)

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  1. If more of us males would follow Ms. Amanda's rules, there would be many more happier households and far fewer divorces. Her advice is always right on target. I completely agree with the above, and our household incorporates many of her rules, but not all yet. We are working on it though. Thanks for posting this; a good reminder for us all.