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(This is the first in what I hope will be a series of female supremacy aphorisms. They were gathered over many years from here and there on the Internet, many from sites that appear in “My Favorite Fem-Supremacy Web Destinations” (see right-hand panel). Questions can be sent to thomaslavalle@gmail.com)

A wife who understands female superiority means realizing your husband is inferior, and women have a hard time thinking of their husbands in a negative term like inferior. But the facts give no other option. Once your wife sees herself as superior, that will allow her to accept your worship. Most husbands today understand, even if subconsciously, that they are inferior to their wives.

 “[My husband] and I have Absolutes; I have absolute freedom; he accepts and lives under my absolute control; this applies to all aspects; there are no exceptions.”
—“Melissa,” quoted by Elise Sutton

“I don't consider men in an FLR to be lucky. To be a woman knowing she is superior is special.”

“Most men have a very overblown ego. They learn this as little boys and they continue to exercise this silly posturing for most of their life until they meet a woman capable of deflating it, and eventually destroying it.”
—Ms. Caligula

“Our son sees his father doing all the work around the home, both all housework, yardwork, mechanical, etc. He understands the importance of serving women so the female is able to pursue her more important interests. He has taught him the importance of obeying not only his mother, but also his sisters.”

“My wife knows her place is at the head of the house. And I am learning that I belong beneath her. She sits at the head of the table now and tells me that when the kids are not around I will be at her feet eating, naked.”
—Ruth’s Boy

“If I were to sum up the life of the male in a Female Supremacist household in one word, [that word] would be work. By that I mean intensive work, no vacations, no holidays, no respite. Work fast and efficiently in Her service in order for Her to be happy with You. If not, you expose yourself to the risk of a swift slap to the back of the head or any other sanction which She sees fit to impose upon you.”
—Julie Wilson

The slaves in My household are just that: slaves. They are deprived of freedom, subjected to iron discipline and compelled to toil endlessly to ensure the pleasant life I feel entitled to. In return for their sacrifices and rather frugal lifestyle, they have no other reward to expect than the knowledge of My satisfaction.”

“I have believed that females are quite simply better than males for as long as I can remember… I live with four women who expect nothing less than good manners and total obedience from me, which I thoroughly enjoy trying to live up to. There is no set of rules as such—just to accept that Females are superior to males and to live with this in mind.”
—Sam (commenting to the Worshipping Your Wife blog)

“No man can continue with his male ego while being punished by a woman. As you introduce him to more and more regular sessions of physical punishment; you can begin to introduce him to some rules. Once you have done this, it is only a matter of time before you will have you a personal servant—or slave, if you wish.”
—Ms. Caligula

“What is it like to be a slave? The short answer: work. The long answer: Get up early every morning and ensuring that everything is perfect for when she waits… Every day it is important to do all the tasks that she has assigned to you without ever having to be told what to do. This will often mean working at night in silence while she sleeps.”
—Julie Wilson

“Female supremacy is based on the voluntary submission of the male who, recognizing the innate superiority of women, knows his place. His submission is therefore complete and genuine. His body, his spirit and his heart belong to her.”
—Source Unknown

“Female control of men is only natural. It is the natural order of things.”

“Hopefully, this will get people to understand and accept female superiority as a fact of life. One point I would like to add. The last few years, women have been striving for equality in all things. We are not equal, we are superior.”

Q: Do You think Women are superior?
A: Yes, in every way. Men just can't compete with us. We are not goddesses, just superior. In a moment I will press a little buzzer and my husband will come into the study, curtsey and wait for my instructions. When I tell him what I want, he will do it happily without questioning my authority.”
—Ms. Zoe (in a comment on Mistress Kathy’s Femdom 101 blog)

“A girl’s respect toward her father only grows more when she sees how he can be obedient to the ladies in his life. She learns respect to fathers when you clean her room and wash her clothes. Our daughters highly respect their father at supper when their brother and father stand and wait for the girls to sit, and allow the females to fill their plates and start eating before being permitted to start their dinner.”

“My slaves abhor the thought of freedom.  Unlike all slaves of the patriarchal world, they are terrified of ever being sent away and freed.”

 “It is the nature of men to be obedient and to work. It is the nature of the female to be sexual/sensual and to direct the men in their lives.”

 “With female supremacy established, males will no longer have to pretend to be what they are not with macho bravado, but will be able to maintain their true position in life – at a woman's feet under her control. The battle of the sexes is coming to a close; female oppression by egotistical males is slowly being replaced by divine feminine wisdom ruling over content subservient males.”
—Goddess Miranda

“My males relish My ownership over them. They embrace their servitude and are fervently grateful to Me for it, even for the most oppressive aspects of it. They might squirm under My whip or suffer silently for hours and days, at My whim, but their adoration for Me keeps growing by the day.” 

“I am a female supremacist who believes all women possess a Goddess element which is lacking in males. Women are the nurtures, thinkers, and caretakers of society whereas men are simply the grunts, peons, and workers who possess a wild sexual energy that cannot be harnessed by itself. Men need and depend upon women to do this for them. Hence a woman defines a man's purpose in life. He is to work and serve her. It is natural for him to do this. Without a woman man is lost, unsocialized, and uncontrolled.”
—Mistress Sheree (interviewed in Elise Sutton’s Predominant Magazine, Feb. 2011)

 “I reduce [my slaves] to such mindless obedience that they respond to My commands instinctively. My satisfaction is their happiness, My displeasure is their instant torment. My ascendency over them is such that I have reshaped them to My liking, imprinting My philosophy into their docile minds. They are not only Mine, they are a integral part of Me.” 

“In a true female supremacist society men and women are equally valued and respected. Men simply yield control to women, and willingly, because they believe it's for the best. The way a man should interact with the women around him is with respect, attentiveness and service. Be helpful, supportive and courteous to all the women in your life and you will see how much better your life will be. The special air of femaleness is when female values prevail and the feminine spirit is filling the air.”
—Ms. Becky

“Slavery is not easy. It has to be painful, exhausting, requiring a constant effort on the part of the slaves. A slave must struggle to accomplish his tasks, so that at the end of each day he will have this small feeling of achievement for having gone through his day of labor for his Keeper, yet he must be kept aware that doing his hardest was barely enough to serve Her satisfactorily. For the same reasons, the living conditions for slaves must be austere and minimal.”

“Men are inferior and they know it, they instinctively prevented women from being equal because they know their superiority would then overtake all aspects of their life. If they only could understand that female superiority would be the ideal for them. Men are created for worship. Women are created to receive worship.”

“In order for males to assume their proper place at the feet of the Female, men must take that first step and learn where they belong, how they must behave and what exactly is expected of them. They must come to terms with their submissive nature, embrace it, be proud of it, and prepare themselves for a life of servitude at the feet of women.”
—Goddess Miranda

 “Why does female superiority make males happy? They are happy because they have found their place in this world. They have found a reason to exist, a reason which they can intuitively link to the natural order of things. To learn that they are inferior does not make males unhappy, on the contrary; they state it with pride. Males who have understood female superiority know that at their place they can be useful, and this makes them happy. They also realize how lucky they are to share this planet with such wonderful beings as women. To serve a superior female is not degrading; on the contrary, it is an honor for males to serve their superiors, It is assuming their rightful place and duty in the order of the universe.”
—Subservient Husband

And thus the day ended, with Steve cuddling his wife and ruler as she slipped happily into sleep, served and serviced to the absolute limit of a man’s ability. Sometimes it was hard being a father in a household run on femsupremacy rules. Still, for Steve there was no other choice.
—Eosuchus, “Beneath Her Hem

“My husband knows he is inferior to me and he loves being inferior to me. Male inferiority is to be accepted and embraced by both wife and husband. Once both accept their respective role, a relationship will be much smoother.”
—Source Unknown

“The most effect way to break down a male into a compliant servant is through the constant use of incessant verbal humiliation and abuse followed up by affection and the carrot of redemption, and lots of genital stimulation.”

“It is good to show your son early on that women are superior.   So having your son make up his sister’s rooms every morning and having him and your husband wait to eat until you and your daughters begin is showing a wonderful example.”

“I believe that in marriage, the Wife should be the undisputed Head of the house and family, and the sole Decision Maker, and the husband should be obedient to his Wife, and belongs completely under Her authority in all aspects of the marriage – both outside the home and in the home, both outside the bedroom and in the bedroom. I believe this represents the most ideal, most natural gender roles for marriages and relationships, and is the way marriages and relationships were meant to be.”
—“Gary” (original source lost)

“I simply believe that women are better equipped to lead the marriage and society. Your feminine power and sexual energy cause him to become weak in your presence. This should provide him with a wonderful stress reliever as he surrenders to you.”

“I am a devout Female Supremacist and will always be so. I learned from My Mother and have passed on My knowledge to My Daughter. I have always seen Female Supremacy as simply the natural order of life itself. The Human Female is the highest form of life while the human male is truly an unstable, irrational creature.”

“Female supremacists can have homes in which it is obvious to the children that their mother is the boss. The father can set an example for his sons through his obedience to the lady of the house. This is in fact the most important thing a man can do for his sons-to give them this example of obedience. Then the children can grow up expecting to have the same kind of marriage as adults.”
—Julie Wilson

“I went to our lawyer and changed my name back to my maiden name. My husband is going to take my maiden name as part of his name. Even his mother thinks this is great. Men are so immature and pliable when you really confront them. Girls, you don't have to accept being slapped around and dominated!”

“Ours being a female led home, my daughters’ girlfriends know it is more than I, it is my daughters who rule as well. They have all had many discussions on female superiority, and all of them are in agreement that as females they are superior. I have overheard them talk about having boys worship them, and wanting to be goddesses. They are learning.”

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