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(These observations on female supremacy in the framework of marriage and the family are excerpted and gratefully reprinted with permission from Mark Remond’s “Worshipping Your Wife” blog, where Ms. Amanda was a featured guest host on June 1, June 13, and June 27, 2013.—Tom Lavalle)


Your wife is your superior in every way. She will dominate and control you in the ways that she believes to be appropriate. Simply obey her every wish and see to all her needs.

Changing your name to that of your wife’s is a wonderful symbol of your recognition of her as leader. My husband and I married quite young (early twenties) and it was a traditional white wedding, but there was no word “Obey” in the ceremony; I was quite adamant about that! With age comes growing confidence in one’s beliefs, and so if I were to marry now, I would have my husband say the word “Obey” to me and to take my last name.


It is only right that a husband should serve his wife with his total obedience. In doing this, he is not showing devotion to her and setting a perfect example for the children, both girls and boys.

I believe the key to a successful marriage and a happy family life is to establish female control from the outset. If the children ask their father for anything, he will always refer them to me.

My children see their father as a happy man who lives in deference to his wife. They see a couple who love one another, and a man who worships his wife and would do anything for her. What better example of family life could we give our children?

It is my intention going forward to show more openly my husband's increasing deference to me in all things. The children will pick up on these nuances and gradually learn that female authority is normal and good. I have big plans for my husband and one of them is for him to be spending a lot more time on the floor at my feet!

I believe that girls who are brought up in a household with female authority are more likely to use this model for their own future families.

My husband never had any authority. I made this clear to him at the start of our relationship. “Asking Dad” is something all young children will do to start with. It simply takes time for them to understand who makes the decisions. My youngest children are now getting to that stage of understanding.

My husband is indeed well trained. He has painted my finger and toenails in the past, but did not really do a good enough job. I prefer going to the salon. However, I believe it may be time to reintroduce him to this service. A man painting his wife's toenails is certainly appropriate behavior for the children to see.

Family life is so much happier for everyone when the females are in charge.

Male acquiescence to a dominant female provides prosperity, guidance and happiness to families.

The earlier in life that boys are taught respect for female authority, the better. So many young men grow up without this respect. This can lead to boys getting into trouble at school and even with the law. Perhaps compulsory lessons on female authority for all boys might be the answer.

From an early age my son saw that his father would stand whenever I entered the room. My son would also see my husband ask for my permission to leave the dinner table. This becomes second nature, and my son simply copies his Dad.

Teaching children about female authority requires both parents. It is very important that my husband backs up my authority and my daughters’ authority by talking to our son regularly. The sooner parents start teaching their children the better.

FLR is common sense! I never argue with the girls in front of their brother. He needs to understand that their authority over him is backed by me.

All of my children are learning the benefits of female authority. My son learns that taking instructions from girls and doing tasks for them are completely normal things for a boy to do, while my daughters learn that the supervision of boys has benefits (laundry collection in this case) as well as being fun, especially for my bossy older daughter!

Our family discussions about allowances are done on a one-to-one basis between the recipient and me. However other family members may make comments. I make the final decision on allowances after reviewing the previous week’s behavior.

My husband has no problem with fully embracing female authority. He does not in any way feel humiliated by his position in the family or by the fact that his allowance is discussed in front of the children [at family meetings]. All of his actions are done to please me. That is what FLRs are all about!

It is very important to be firm and consistent when teaching children. They will pick up on any disagreement between Mom and Dad and use that chink in the parental armor for their own ends. That is why FLRs make parenting so much easier, as Dad will always agree with Mom! This is the bedrock for a loving marriage and family life.

Love and discipline go hand in hand. Love for the children and discipline for the husband!


CFNM is a very powerful form of control over males, and is therefore of great interest to powerful women like me.

The male ego is completely deflated when a man is naked in front of a clothed woman, and that is how the male ego should be.

Keeping a male naked signifies his lower status. In the perfect world I would have all males adopt the posture of nakedness.


The male hormone testosterone explains why males are naturally more aggressive than females. In the past this aggression was needed by early primitive societies as a means to survive. The males needed to be strong and aggressive to catch and kill animals for food. The requirement for this aggression is no longer required in modern civilized society. Tools and industry have replaced the need for strength and aggression. We are simply evolving, and matriarchy is the next logical step of the evolutionary process.

We are at the start of a new dawn of female empowerment. The true matriarchal society may still be somewhere in the distant future, but I have never felt more happy for my children to be part of this change. It is our duty as parents to educate our children and show our daughters that they can make a difference. Then perhaps their children will live in a wonderful and peaceful matriarchal world.


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  1. Great article. I've come to know and learn that women are very powerful and are naturally geared for leadership, in all things. My wife's and my family are matriarchal and have been for generations. Final decisions are made by the woman of the house, for everything.
    My father taught me to Always be respectful and chivalrous to All doors, offer to carry things and to do things for them, let them go first, give up your seat, respond with yes ma'am/no ma'am, say please/thank you, don't interrupt them, don't use foul language around them, never, ever hit a woman even if she hits you, etc. I was expected to do what my mother or any woman of authority told me to do, without question or back talk and to do it when asked and not later. As the oldest brother of three sisters, I was raised to treat them with the utmost respect, to help them when asked, to look after them, to be their sword and shield, their protector and helper.
    Now, I'm truly blessed to have a wife and three daughters that expect the same from me.
    Thanks again for your great articles.

    Forever chivalrous and eternally hers in all things, Dave