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(Continuing with excerpts from the provocative writings of “Boss Julie” Wilson representing a Female Supremacist organization called Christian Home, which (alas) Google can no longer find. As noted in part one, I will happily remove these postings or, more happily, publish more, if contacted by “Boss Julie.”—Tom Lavalle)

Improving Masculine Attitudes and Behavior

Men are born with the genetic inheritance of the prehistoric hunter/warrior, but this genetic disposition can be counteracted through feminine training. Of course, men will never rise completely to the moral level of women, but insofar as they submit to feminine guidance, there will be plenty of room for improvement.

Feminizing Him
The most effective framework for the feminization of men is the home. A home in which the woman is boss will do more to feminize the male than any gender studies course ever could. The husband will be feminized over time by submitting to the moral guidance of his wife. Boys who grow up in female-dominant households will also be feminized.

The best contribution a father can make to the moral upbringing of his son is to set an example by accepting the guidance of his wife. While the fostering of female supremacy in the home is the crucial step toward a society in which males are feminized, it is not the only step. It is also important for children of both sexes to grow up in a society where they can see women in positions of public power. This means, among other things, electing more women to public office. More women and fewer men!

Ask ‘Boss Julie’

[Q&A with a husband whose wife wants him to wear panties]

Over the years I have had several women friends who made their husbands or boyfriends wear women’s panties under their street clothes, and so I believe that I can answer all your questions about this practice.

You say that your wife’s proposal is “unnecessary, undeserved, unfair and unjust.” Let us take these one at a time. You say that you have never been unfaithful to your wife and that you do not intend to be. I believe you. You may feel confident about this, but there have been a lot of other men who also felt confident only to wake up one morning with a shattered marriage.

What your wife wants to do is to help you resist temptation. The fact that you have been faithful in the past does not mean that you won’t be tempted in the future.

If she were to wait until you actually committed adultery, it would be too late. Even if the odds were only one in 10, or one in 100 that you might do so in the future, it still seems to me that wearing panties would be a very small price to pay to head it off.

So my advice is this: Wear the panties that your wife has picked out for you except when you have an appointment to see the doctor. It will give her a degree of peace of mind. You can tell your wife that [1] you have no intention of ever being unfaithful to her and that [2] in order to prove this to her, you promise to wear whatever underclothes she wants.

[A second letter from the same writer:]

Dear Julie,

My wife was overjoyed by your response. You supported her and advised me to wear the panties she picked out for me and to tell her that I would never be unfaithful and that I would prove it by promising to wear whatever underclothes she wanted. As you probably expected, your advice did not exactly make my day.

Being true to my word, however, I did everything you advised, word for word. At her request, I even put my promise in writing to make her feel more secure.

Instead of being grateful to me for following your advice, she seems intent on maximizing my embarrassment. She expects me to wear panties that are more frilly and feminine than anything she wears herself. When I complained, she said, “The more girlish they are, the more careful you’ll be about showing them off to other women.”

Finally, she says that she has continued to review your editorial and has concluded that it would actually be a positive thing if our children knew I was now in panties at her direction. She believes this would strengthen the confidence and self-esteem of our daughters while setting a good example for our son. What about my self-esteem? I think I should try to set a good masculine example in our home. Why do you think my wife is acting this way?—Fancy Pants
Dear Mr. Fancy Pants: Things seem to be developing quite rapidly in your household. When you first wrote, your wife had one goal: [1] to help you resist the temptation to be unfaithful. Now there are two more goals: [2] to help you overcome the residual contempt for women that you picked up in childhood and [3] to help your children develop respect for women. Let’s take these one at a time.

Regarding your wife’s desire to provide you with a deterrent against infidelity, I think that she is perfectly right that frilly, girlish underthings work better than plain white cotton. It is much better for you to be wearing lace-trimmed nylon panties in pretty colors, and I am glad that your wife has taken the initiative in this matter. Of all the couples I have known who have done what you are now doing, I have never heard of the husband wearing only white cotton panties.

I have known a number of women who put their husbands in women’s panties, and the husbands always came to accept it. The time will come when it no longer embarrasses you to slip into your girlish underpants in the morning. The only reason for your present discomfort is the prejudice against women that you picked up in childhood, and that can be overcome.

One basic role-playing scenario would be for you to wear a dress and women’s shoes (along with all the appropriate underpinnings) and do housework. Your wife could give you a feminine name for you to answer to during the role-playing sessions.

In addition, you could do some appropriate reading while dressed in your role-playing outfit. One possibility would be for you to do a little reading in women’s magazines every day. Another possibility would be to read some romantic novels. Women read these books, but men do not, and you could try to figure out why this is so. If you can, then you will have learned a lot about differences between the sexes. Reading these novels will not be easy at first, as they tend to be quite complex, but you will find that they get easier with practice. You might want to start with a romantic novel written for teenage girls, as they tend to be simpler.

Whatever you do for your role-playing exercises, it helps to keep a diary in which you write down what you did each day. Your wife will probably want to review what you write to see if there is anything that should be added to your account.

These are some of the things that other couples in your situation have done. Your wife will probably have some ideas of her own as well.

Finally, you say that your wife wants to tell the children now rather than later that she has you wearing women’s panties. I believe that you have already answered your own question about this, Mr. Fancy Pants. You write about how hard it is to overcome long-standing attitudes that go back to childhood. You are right about this, and you have an opportunity to help your children avoid the prejudices about women that you seem to have acquired as a child. You can be a good parent and help your children grow up with real respect for women.

Dear Julie,

My wife thought we should write you to thank you for your wonderful advice concerning putting husbands into panties and having them engage in role-playing. I have been in panties for almost six months now, and my wife says I will wear them as long as we are married. You said that I would eventually get used to my “girlish underpants,” but it certainly hasn’t happened yet.
My wife sees to it that my panty drawer is filled with the most feminine underpants available. There isn’t a single pair that isn’t decorated or trimmed with ribbons, bows, lace, ruffles or some such thing. It still embarrasses me to look at them knowing they’re mine, let alone having to wear them at all times.

You were right about one thing. Our two daughters not only accepted this when my wife told them; they thought it was “cool” that I was wearing panties. They have actually helped my wife shop for them. They even suggested that their brother also wear panties.

Role-playing is also embarrassing, but in my case not a great deal more so than wearing panties alone under my clothes. I would much rather be in boxer shorts and blue jeans, but these days I am just as likely to find myself in a skirt helping my wife around the house.

I recently told my wife that it seemed to me that some of the Christian Home readers were agreeable to this sort of thing since they were sissies to begin with and actually liked wearing women’s clothing.

She frowned and told me to follow her. She took me to the bedroom and told me to look at myself in our full-length mirror and tell her what I saw. I was in a role-playing outfit at the time and was wearing a white blouse and a flowered skirt. She then told me to lift the skirt and describe what I was wearing underneath. I had to admit that I was wearing a half slip, pantyhose and pink, lace-trimmed panties. She then handed me the dictionary again and told me to reread the definition of a sissy.

She asked me if she had made her point. She said I was a sissy and if I had true respect for women, I should view that as a positive thing. She said that I should always think of myself as a sissy and that I should try to behave as one. She said that if I had any doubts about my sissy status, I could always sneak a peak at my panties and I would know the truth.

My wife believes Christian Home has made a great improvement in our marriage and tells me constantly how happy she is with the “new me.” She sees to it that our sex life has never been better.

I still have strong doubts and would not recommend this method of training to any of your male readers who is not already a sissy. I think there have to be other methods for teaching men to respect women that do not include wearing panties and other feminine things.

Six months ago I felt like I was just a regular guy who only wanted the best for his wife and family. Now I wear frilly panties at all times and am supposed to think of myself as a sissy. I don’t think most men would like this, and I hope they can avoid it.

I will be the first to admit that I am developing more and more respect for women, but I sure don’t like the teaching methods.

Fancy Pants

PS—My wife says she bets you have your husband Bill in panties and skirts just as she does me. I said I didn’t think so because you never seem to write about your own household. Who is right?

Dear Mr. Fancy Pants: You can tell your wife that she wins the bet. Actually, I did write about my own household once—in the very first issue of the newsletter, back in August 1992. It was in an article about how to get your man to do more of the housework. It is available as a reprint for $10, but if your wife sends me some pictures of the new you, I will send it to you for free. I like seeing men in pretty clothes.

There is no better way to help a man develop respect for women than role-playing. Psychologists agree that role-playing is the best method for breaking down prejudice, and prejudice against women is no exception. You say that most men wouldn’t like it, but isn’t that strange when you think about it? Women don’t feel threatened by the idea of wearing men’s clothes. So why should men feel threatened by the prospect of wearing women’s clothes?


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