Tuesday, March 15, 2016


(A note from Thomas Lavalle: Readers of Mark Remond’s Worshipping Your Wife blog (now on extended hiatus) may recall many references to a strict matriarchal clan in the posts of dennis, Ms. Nancy (his ruling wife), and Ms. Nancy’s mother, Lady Susan. Indeed, dennis even wrote about learning proper male obedience and service protocols from Ms. Nancy’s grandmother, Ms. Joan. Wishing to learn more about these remarkable women and their female supremacist lifestyle, I wrote to Mr. Remond, informing him that I would be honored to publish any additional posts from dennis, Ms. Nancy, Lady Susan or any other members of this multi-generational, exended matriarchal family. I’m delighted to have received the following brief offering from Lady Susan.)

In our living room, on the path to the kitchen, is a small table on which a pair of Women’s shoes is placed for worship and adoration. Whenever passing this shrine, men must genuflect and reverently kiss the shoe as a sign of their acceptance of their subordinate role. Of course, the Women understand that genuflecting to and kissing the shoe are not always practical, such as when a male is carrying a tray of drinks. In such circumstances, a curtsy will suffice. By the way, the shoes on display in our living room are not limited to high-heel stilettos, although most are. We often have kitten heels, the occasional flats, and, sometimes for fun, Nancy’s stripper heels.

There are other opportunities for shoe worship by properly reverent males. For example, if Lady Susan is seated and points to Her shoes, this is an unspoken command to the male in attendance (usually, but not always, dennis) to render Her shoes and, of course, Herself, homage—and it doesn’t matter who else is present. The male kneels before Her and kisses Her shoes until She disengages.

Melissa (the niece of Lady Susan’s sister, Julie) taught the Women an interesting variation on shoe worship. It involves having the male kneel in front of the Woman, or each of the Women in turn, and extending his tongue, thereby offering visual testimony to his complete acceptance of Her authority over him. The Woman then rubs the soles of Her shoes on the male’s tongue.
This form of worship usually lasts a minute or two and usually entails serving all of the Women present, although it can last much longer. My sister Julie (Melissa’s aunt) uses other variations, such as a man’s taking the entire length of a stiletto heel into his mouth—certainly another eloquent indication of a man’s complete obedience.

In Our family, proper shoe worship has been enshrined in the ProtocolsOver the years, the Protocols have grown to enshrine many new rituals, such as these We describe. We believe that men need rules—lots of them—to ensure proper behavior, and, when needed, discipline. By whatever name—Protocols, Rules, House Rules, Her Rules, Deference, Etiquette, Formalities, Decorum—men know that complying with these dictates is the best way to ensure a happy relationship and to avoid the extremely painful consequences associated with misbehavior.

(*These were instituted by Joan, Lady Susan’s mother, to codify proper male service to the superior Female gender.)

Shoe worship also works into Goddess worship with our local congregation. There is lots of ritual involved that is intended to reinforce the status and power of Women and help initiate men into the congregation, although in limited roles.

(As was mentioned in one of dennis’ posts on the Wife Worship blog, this is a new age church focused on Goddess worship and indeed encouraging women to think of themselves as Goddesses. Men are permitted to join the congregation after securing sponsorship from three women and after completing an extensive orientation program.)



  1. I love Lady Susan's family. I have read all the posts in http://worshippingyourwife.blogspot.in also. Please add more posts from dennis, Ms. Nancy, Lady Susan or any other members of this multi-generational, exended matriarchal family. Its a great learning experience. Thank you.

  2. My wife has done something similar to this.
    All my credit cards are locked-up in a clear time locked kitchen safe in the hall way to the bathroom.
    I must curtsy to my locked CC's each time in passing.
    Amazing that about the same thing is going on else where.

  3. Please have more posts from Nancy or Dennis, they wrote some of the best FLR pieces ever. Or have they perhaps started a blog of their own?