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(Note: Male silence is definitely golden in female supremacist homes and families. In support of this proposition, I’ve gathered below some provocative quotes from several online sources. Many of these, you may note, first appeared on Mark Remond’s Worshipping Your Wife blog. Mr. Remond deserves much credit for his efforts in publicizing female led families through the wonderful guests posts of “Beckie Sue,” “Ms. Amanda” and “Ms. Jenn.” Alas, the WYW blog is currently inactive, and Mr. Remond informs me that he is no longer in contact with  any of those three powerful and persuasive matriarchs. With his blessing, then, I reprint those quotes and others, and make an appeal to anyone, male or female, who has lived in, or is currently living in, a strict matriarchal marriage or female led family to contact me. I would love to hear from you.—Thomas Lavalle,

“Protocol: Men are to speak only when spoken to; Women don’t really care what men have to say; men learn by listening to Women.”

“My Mistress values silence. It’s as though she follows the maxim "Slaves are to be seen and not heard.’ There are stretches of time when we communicate mostly through rituals -- the routines of service, the greeting at the door, the finger pointing at the floor, the raised foot, the empty cup. She smiles and giggles. She’s very sweet to me.”
(Comment by “brian1” to Mistress Kathy’s Femdom101 blog)

“I will not back talk to my wife. I will not interrupt. I will not comment on everything. I will listen carefully so she does not have to repeat things. When she says to stop something that is annoying her, I will stop immediately, no whining, no moping, no bad attitude. I will not disagree with her in public.”

“My greatest thrill in our social life is when we have a few friends over and the wives all talk openly to each other and the men are finally lulled by Ms. Louise’s dominance and their own wives into quiet, sensible submission. The sound of male quiet during female conversation is the music of a matriarchal home. If I excitedly offer my opinion Ms. Louise often returns me to my place with a loving chide: ‘Honey, please, the women are speaking now.’ And that is the motto of our matriarchy: the women are speaking now; men, you’ve had your chance, and please be silent.”
(“Mr. Louise,” Spousechat Archive Excerpt No. 9”)

“In some female-led households, of course, the wife is encouraged to be more than a bit bossy. One such matriarchal wife instituted the following conversational rule for her mate: ‘If I speak, you must be silent, even if you are speaking first.’”

Seven Rules
1-Obey at once.
2-Mind your business.
3-Stay on your knees with your eyes down.
4-Answer Yes Ma’am or No Ma’am.
5-Speak only when spoken to.
6-Never ever expect sex.
7-There are rewards and punishments-so never complain.
(“Seven Rules,” Elise Sutton, Female Domination)

“A wife should not have to bore herself with listening to her husband’s interests, they are not important whereas her interests are of the most import. Any problem at his work he needs to deal with; his purpose is to earn money for her to enjoy. Outside of work he should have no other interest other than serving his wife and the chores she assigns to him. When the husband forfeits all freedom to her, he forfeits any outside interests. He must listen to and pay attention to all his wife says and consider these his interests.

“My husband and I used to talk all the time and I couldn't have cared less what he had to say, but was polite. I finally told him to shut up (yes, I said those words and have learned to use them many times since). The males (husband and son) in my house go about their chores and lives in quiet. It is just normal now. Our two daughters and I are quite talkative and the 'boys' always listen and only talk when asked to.”
(“Siobhan,” commenting on “Toward A Lifelong Female-Led Marriage: Obedience”)

“The slave should always seek permission to speak before addressing his Mistress… 'Please Mistress your slave/it begs permission to speak’ is appropriate… If I ever wish a conversation with the slave I will initiate one, but it will always occur with him in a position of subjugation. I may even ask his opinion on some matter but I never place the slave in a position where he might get even the slightest idea that he is being treated as an equal… “
 (Ingrid Bellemare, Owning and Training a Male Slave)

“My husband is only allowed to talk at the table to answer questions from our daughters or me, which is a good example for our son.”

“I decided that, from then on, during dinner my husband would not speak at all unless spoken to specifically and keep his head down as a sign of his subordinate position to me and my daughters. It would also send a good signal to my 8-year-old son who talks too much during dinner. This has worked out really well! My daughters and I have really enjoyed the silence of the males at the table.”

“Men are designed to work hard, do as they’re told and do it in silence.”
(Matriarch “Linda,” quoted by “Sam,” “It’s Holiday Time for the Women”) 

“My husband had great difficulties getting used to, as a rule, keeping his mouth shut until he was asked… I cannot explain why it was so hard for him to keep quiet, and it was at times not just annoying but embarrassing, as for instance when he even interrupted a female. Fortunately it has never embarrassed me to use one of the [many convenient] phrases or in other ways making him shut up. It embarrassed him totally, in front of the study group or my friends, having to be reminded that he was supposed to be quiet until asked, and eventually it had the effect that he learned to keep quiet. At home I would scold and slap him for not being quiet in public, and after we came to share our first apartment, he also a few times was caned for this offense.

“In private to be told to shut up had not the same embarrassing effect as when it happened in public, but then other methods could be used, and on occasion I several times kept him quiet for hours by closing his mouth with tape. Combined with stern reprimands, face slapping and at times also a sound spanking, the effect was satisfactory.

“In my house it is a golden rule that, especially at meals, the males do not speak unless spoken to, and on the rare occasions when, despite the rule, it happens that one of them cannot keep his mouth shut, this instantly causes a surprised, almost shocked silence; everybody looks at the culprit who blushes and shamefully lowers his head and whispers an apology. He will of course be dismissed from the table and have to stand in the corner until he later can be punished properly. This rule is not departed from just because we have guests, and not even when the guest is a friend of one of the children.”
(Ms. Charlotte, Female Led Relationships, “Men Who Accept Being Inferior Make the Best Husbands”)



  1. Thomas, Great post, great blog. I wish you well, especially on the important and neglected topic of female led families. It would be great if Ms. Amanda or Beckie Sue would reappear here and give us the benefit of their wisdom and experience!

  2. What a great post. Thank you so much. Would love to hear a lot more from “Beckie Sue,” “Ms. Amanda” “Ms. Jenn”, NANCY & DENNIS. Please tell us more about female led families.

  3. In a Femdom home there is a time for males to speak and they should be trained to know the rules of the house. At other times, if a male has something to say, he should know how and when to ask permission to speak. Also, males should be trained to stop talking immediately when directed to do so by a woman.

  4. Mistress Sandra, I am so honored that you have dropped by and commented on the "Male Silence" post. In three concise sentences you have encapsulated the entire post! It could go, as written, in a book of protocols for any femdom or female supremacist household!

  5. i enjoyed your post on men’s talking too much; a delightful piece that brought back fond memories of growing up in an all-Female home. Mom worked late shift, so to speak, at a local club and left my Sisters in charge with wide latitude to take whatever actions They considered appropriate to keep me in line, but generally things went smoothly. We lived in a rough-and-tumble blue collar neighborhood, and Mom was always afraid i’d get into trouble as did many of the local males, so She made sure i had plenty to do. There was schoolwork, of course and it was a priority, and then art lessons, ballet lessons, and, of course housework – lots of it. My Sisters made sure my chores were done properly – and they usually were – or they had to be done over – and over again if needed.

    i did what i was told, when i was told and if i didn’t Mom would be told. One of the things that was always demanded of me was that i “SHUT UP.” My Sisters just didn’t want to listen to male talk – it bored them. At first i thought this rather odd, but after a brief period of mentally examining what i was going to say, realized that they were right. My musings were boring and they just weren’t important. On the other hand, though, what the Women had to say was both interesting and important! i learned a lot by listening. For example, i learned a lot about the Women’s Movement and once i did, there were many opportunities to join the Ladies’ conversation. Silence was appreciated unless i was directly spoken to. i learned to “Speak when spoken to!” And to be brief with my answers when i was.

    i let the Ladies know that i found listening to them to be valuable and enlightening and in response they let me listen at the periphery of their discussions. If They had visitors, i’d serve them tea of coffee and generally be attentive, and then, when invited, would take a seat and listen. i learned a lot but most of all i learned that the Women had a lot to say. Soon I discovered i was blocking out most male conversation! i too was finding it unimportant and not a little boring!

    Too much talk was detrimental in another way, too. Guys from school called me too often, wasting my time, so my Sisters made a rule that only they could answer the phone. When the call was for me, they asked what the caller wanted and if it was school-related that was OK. Otherwise She would tell the caller, “He’s busy ironing” or whatever. Soon calls were no longer a bother.

  6. The following comment, in support of Sandra's comment (above), was sent to me by "Lady Susan," who has previously authored guest posts on the Worshipping Your Wife blog:

    Absolutely! Males in our family knew to keep quiet; proper behavior was put forward in a book of rules we called Protocols. Men were responsible for knowing them and abiding by them. Knowing when to speak - and more importantly when not to speak - was an important protocol and one that was driven home with any man coming into the family. Men learned to stop talking immediately when commanded or when a woman started talking over him. They also learned that women weren't interested in what they had to say.

    It’s important that men demonstrate proper behavior as a way of getting other men to fall in line. My late husband was trained to do this well. On numerous occasions he'd correct others and was a role model for the younger men. I recall a rather talkative young man who felt he could carry on a conversation with him when the ladies left the kitchen. Bill corrected him repeatedly, reminding him of the rule until the lesson was learned. --Lady Susan

  7. This comment was emailed to me by a submissive husband (and father) who has guest-poster elsewhere as "Zardoz" ~

    All that talk about football and cars etc I found so dull as a boy. It takes either the boy being intelligent enough or the Women letting him know the inconsequentiality of his utterances. I think it was a bit of both with me. Women are often told they talk too much but when you look at most parliaments they are a talking shop for mostly males. And any way isn't language the acknowledged first tool of Woman kind? So it's a demonstration of the superiority of our species and by consequence of the superiority of Females as part of Woman kind. (I do so hate using the phrase mankind).

  8. I sent an earlier message which seems to have been lost in the ether. It simply said that I was ( am) delighted not only to read the very perceptive comments above but also to see that some people that I greatly enjoy reading, like Zardoz, Dennis and Sandra are in touch with you. I do hope that they ( and others) will tell us more about their families all of which are great examples to be followed

  9. Agree with this so much! We men tend to talk way too much. In a Female-led marriage, the husband should only give his opinion when asked. Otherwise, he should keep it to himself.