Friday, July 15, 2016


(Note from Thomas Lavalle: I am extremely honored to publish a guest post by Mistress Sandra, who is well known to regular readers of Mistress Kathy’s Femdom 101 blog, for her passionate advocacy of, and informative comments on femdom marriages. Here she offers insights on my previous posting, ‘Female Led Families: Submissive Dads & Dominant Daughters, which, with her permission, I am publishing here as a separate posting. I am hopeful that Mistress Sandra will continue to grace these pages on a regular basis.)

This subject is extremely controversial, and I think we can all see why. But for those that truly believe in the positive aspects of female rule, a daughter coming of age and becoming a female authority to any male in the home, including her father, should be very natural.

I do think that in a home where this is a possibility, the ultimate female authority and head of the house, the wife and mother, should consider how far this should go. Her comfort with whatever happens should be the most important consideration when the time comes.

A woman who believes in Female-Led homes should pass these beliefs on to her daughter, and teach her how to be a proper and positive female authority as she prepares for a Female-Led home of her own.

The father’s behavior should be an example to his daughter of how a well-trained, obedient and devoted male should act. As young teens, girls should see their father being very obedient and respectful of their mothers. The father should do the housework, yard work and serve his wife in other ways as she wishes. He should also serve his daughter in ways that will benefit her without being obvious about his beliefs in the value of Female-Led homes. A man must balance between being a father while also being a respectful servant to his daughter.

Later, as a girl get older, around her late teens, she may be ready to start leading. And at this stage the fathers should be more open about taking orders from their daughters and waiting on them as the opportunities arise. By the time a girl turns 21, she is a woman and deserving of being shown the same respect and obedience as her mother. It would not be out of line if a mother decided that her daughter should be addressed with a “Yes, Ma’am” and “No, Ma’am” by her father. She should be in a position of authority to approve or deny any request by her father, and also be in full authority to assign him chores and discipline him as she sees fit. For her position of authority, if it is to be valid, must include the authority to discipline any male in her service.

A young woman fortunate enough to have her mother as a mentor, learning from her how a confident woman trains a submissive male and seeing her father set the example for proper male behavior in a Female-Led home, is one of the best and most positive beginnings I can think of for her own Femdom marriage.



  1. I am interested in what sort of discipline the daughter exercises. Let me be specific: can she give him wallopings other than a slap across the face? Can she put him in the corner? Can she send him to bed early? Can she withdraw privileges?
    These are all things the wife can do. So can the daughters?

  2. I am interested in what sort of discipline the daughter exercises. Let me be specific: can she give him wallopings other than a slap across the face? Can she put him in the corner? Can she send him to bed early? Can she withdraw privileges?
    These are all things the wife can do. So can the daughters?

  3. Each female-led home is different and it is up to the head of the family to decide the daughters involvement. There are many things to consider, the daughters interests, abilities, confidence and maturity are just a few. Also, the males level of training as well as past service to his daughter. Has the daughter been raised in a home under strict femdom rules and protocols? Does the daughter fully understand her position as a female authority to him? Outside of the father/daughter relationship. Is he a biological father or a stepfather? As I've said, there are many things to consider and it is up to the female head of the family to integrate everything properly. This is her responsibility as the ultimate female authority in the home. She must balance her husbands position as a father with his position as a servant. Making sure that her daughters rightful place as a female authority within the home is understood and respected.

    1. You have described it so beautifully. I totally agree with you on this Ma'am. A father may have played a role in giving birth to his daughter, but the daughter by the virtue of being a female becomes superior to him right from the day she is born. A father is her servent from that day onwards. It took me time to undertand this but now I am not only a sublissive house husband, but also a submissive father. My older daughter is 10 and youger is 9. They have all rights to order and command me. My older daughter sometimes even abuses me verbally. She is training th younger one to consider the father as just a servant, which is the right thing to do I believe. I am saying this because over the period of years of training by my wife, I have come tunderstand how and why females are superior and males are inferior. My wife has cased the complete dissappearance of the stupid nd useless male ego from my mind body and soul.

      While my wife has given my daughters the authority to even slap me, I have till now not got the opportunity to get slapped.

      Am I going in the right direction ma'am?


  4. As a male we should realize our place and although our female superior may be younger we are still Her subordinate and must adhere to Her commands.

  5. This is all very interesting and exciting to me. Is the FLR trend a real "thing" or is it a digital fantasy of men (like me).

  6. This FLR "thing" is very real for many of us. We take it seriously and recognize it as a superior lifestyle for both women and men. And just like in vanilla marriages, those involved are responsibly for making it work. The key lies with men, they need to let go of their fantasies and fully embrace the superiority of the FLR lifestyle. And completely turn themselves over to a woman that will train them for proper, respectful servitude. The first step for men must be the total rejection of their fantasies. Men must understand that as long as they cling to fantasies nothing positive will happen. That only by surrendering everything they think they want will they get everything they've dreamed of. So yes, this FLR trend is a very real thing, and many women and men are living it. Or it can be just another unfulfilled, frustrating fantasy, it's up to men to choose which path they will take. Making the commitment can be frightening for some. But I've never met a man that ever wanted to go back to his fantasy world. After experiencing the real thing.