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[Note from Thomas Lavalle: Regular reader “Leo” continues his fond memories of coming of age in a strict matriarchal clan headed by his mother and her sister. In this part, Leo describes how the torch of female authority was passed from his mother to his older sister and how she began to exercise dominion over him at an early age. He will expand a bit on this in a scheduled third part.]

Not surprisingly, my sister, who is two years older, inherited the strong character of the women in our family. I will never forget my sister’s eighteenth birthday, when I was sixteen. For some reason I dared to talk back to her and got a slap that almost sent me spinning to the floor.
“How dare you talk back to me!” she snapped, and gave me a backhand that left me seeing stars.
In the midst of my shock and bewilderment, I heard my mother's approaching heels. She took my chin in her hands and forced me to look directly into her unyielding gaze.
“Do not think for a moment that I will allow you to show disrespect to your sister!”
This no-nonsense message from my mother was punctuated with a resounding slap of her own.
It was only then that I discovered my father had witnessed the whole scene—in silence, not daring to intervene or plead for me. But, just to be sure of his compliance, my mother walked over and stood directly in front of him. I should mention here that my mother was a beautiful woman, intimidating and imposing.
“What about you?” she challenged. “Do you have something to say?”
My father looked genuinely frightened. He replied as he’d been taught to do. “No, Ma’am.”

At this, Mom snapped her fingers and pointed to the door. Obediently, Dad bowed his head and went into the kitchen.
With that first sharp slap on her eighteenth birthday, as I would soon learn, my sister had just asserted her new authority over me—an authority conferred on her by my mother according to the rules of our matriarchy.

Let me mention that women’s birthday were always special days in our matriarchal clan. They were celebrated as great events, with parties, gifts and invited guests, while male birthdays went almost unnoticed. (Although Mom did like to give Dad useful presents on his birthday. Cleaning and cooking utensils and things like that.)

Beginning with that birthday slap, I became a kind of personal servant to my older sister.* I had to clean and tidy her room, wash and iron her clothes and keep her collection of shoes and boots immaculately polished. I have no idea how many times I implored her not to punish me again, but even with all that, I was genuinely happy being my sister’s servant. As time went on, I felt more and more that it was a proper subservient role for me. I've always loved my sister and to this day feel deeply proud of her and of my devoted service to her.
As I’m sure you can imagine, I learned early not to complain to my mother about my sister’s treatment me. The few times I tried, I was reprimanded harshly and reminded that my obligation was always to obey my sister without asking stupid questions or daring to complain.
In fact, at home Dad and I both learned that when women are speaking, men are to keep their mouths shut. We learned, too, that it is best not to ask stupid questions, and that orders from a woman are to be obeyed instantly and silently.
My mother used to give us this excellent advice: “A husband must learn to keep his mouth shut. Before ever opening his mouth, a husband should be prudent and think very well what he is going to say. Otherwise he may end up in trouble.”
At my Aunt's house, things were handled in much the same way. As heads of households in our strict matriarchal clan, both my aunt and my mother used to take lovers now and then, and they did so quite openly, without hiding their “wanderings” from their husbands, a fact that I gradually became aware of during my teens. To put it plainly, both my father and my Aunt's husband were cuckolds who had no choice but to accept that their wives had every right to do whatever they pleased.
Let me emphasize that these were happy marriages, marriages that lasted decades. Looking back, I can see that they were truly successful and blessed marriages, and I can further attest that ours were really happy families.
I am a firm believer that a strong Female Supremacist Matriarchy is the most perfect and healthy way to create a harmonious, fair and peaceful society. I believe this is the natural order of things, plain and simple. And I welcome all comments and/or questions.

*It was on a subsequent birthday that my mother gave my sister full authority over Dad, but I will leave that for a subsequent post.


  1. wow leo, the way your Mother challenged your father to stand up to Her and his powerless response must have been a devastating blow to your masculine pride and perception of the essence of your own gender. the event is directed by your Mother in a wway that it is a completely overwhelming experience for all the participants reflecting the truth of Female Triumph and male defeat. I wonder how this made you think of your own gentals, the ultimate sign, embodiment and symbol of your male existence. Were there any rituals, remarks or whatever to emphasize the most important difference between the sexes? i can imagine that somehow this must have an issue one way or the other living so close to each other in one Household. perhaps you can comment on this next time.


    Wow leo, the way your Mother challenged your father to stand up to Her and his complete submission as a response, even more than the slaps you got yourself must have been a devastating blow to your male pride and