Wednesday, October 12, 2016


A recent pseudonymous posting (by “willlowtide”) on the alternate lifestyle site “FetLifecaught my eye, advertising a scan of a “1970’s classic” of the Female Supremacist genre, entitled “The Boy’s Book of Gynarchy.”

Of course I clicked the download link and was delighted at what I discovered. I invite my readers to do the same! Thank you, “willlowtide,” for exhuming and scanning and reposting this vintage classic on your wonderful gynarchic blog. Is this "Boy's Book" totally tongue-in-cheek? Or are these delicious matriarchist vignettes made to be taken quite seriously? You be the judge.


  1. I very much want to read this but I have been unable to access it. Any help some kind soul would give to this sad case ( male obviously) would be gratefully received

    1. freddie, did you try clicking on the words "download link" in the second paragraph? Try it and you should be accessing the .pdf of the "Boy's Book," which is downloadable and savable.

  2. This "Boy's Book of Gynarchy" was very funny, but there was some accuracy in certain places too, in terms of how gynarchic family members can interact with each other in everyday situations, as a matter of course. One page that really struck a chord with me was when Jane told her brother Peter, who seemed to be tidying up his toys, "When you have finished here, you will do my room" My sisters rarely had to say anything like that to me,because I knew it was part of my chores anyway, but once in a while I'd get sidetracked and they'd remind me.

    I also thought the last page was cute where Jane says,"Gynarchy is like a butterfly. It is delicate and we must care for it together." Her brother agrees. That might sound humorous, but that's the sort of attitude my mom took, and we all absorbed it and learned to value it.

    freddie benjamin, were you finally able to obtain a copy of this? A pdf copy could be sent to you if not.