Saturday, November 12, 2016


(“Arthur,” a longtime friend of this blog, continues the story of his submissive engagement and betrothal (and eventual marriage) to his dominant Asian girlfriend, “Miss Ling,” and his submissive service to her two live-in daughters from a previous marriage, “Miss A,” age 14, and “Miss D,” age 23.)

Miss Ling and I will be married soon. Exactly when I can’t say, since she will decide the date. My “proposal” will also be a bit different from the usual. I will ask to be allowed to become her husband. She will have both daughters sitting by her side as I face all three on my knees. I have prepared in writing, at her request, a proposal ceremony which she is now reviewing. There may be some changes, corrections, etc., but I think it honestly reflects our respective positions and brings the girls more into the FLR experience.

While the wedding guests will be mostly vanilla, and the ceremony itself will not be “femdom,” I  may be required to express my submissiveness and obedience at some point during the ceremony or reception.

I would say that our FLR is still a work in progress. Miss Ling is the boss, though she is still learning about and experimenting with the expanding scope of her powers over me. She decides where we go, what our social schedule is, when we go to bed, what chores need my special attention. She does not nitpick, but points out flaws in my housework or laundry performances. She herself works long hours, so is usually tired when she arrives back home, but has made it clear to me that when she stops, likely in the coming  year, her training of me will intensify, as will her control and discipline.

Her rules are fairly relaxed, but if she feels I am on thin ice, she can shut me up by simply extending her foot or pointing to it. I must stop talking immediately. If she continues to point, I must kneel and bow to her foot and remain there as she finishes talking and allows me to thank her and then rise. She understands full well the power of her feet.

After we are married, she may decide to exercise complete financial control, though this is still under discussion.
I must check in with her often or she will call me several times a day just to inquire what I am doing. I will usually ask permission to do most things outside the house. When I misbehave, I am punished. (Much more on this later.) I am out of chastity for the moment, but expect to be locked up again at any time.

(Next post: Arthur details his submissive proposal to Miss Ling and her daughters.)


  1. Sounds like you're well on your way to having a great FLM. Eager to read your submissive proposal as well. And as far as an FLR being a work in progress, sometimes that's the best way for things to evolve. It also sounds like Miss Ling likes to keep you guessing in some areas, which isn't a bad thing.

  2. Again, from Arthur, responding to Debra's Son just above: "She does, but often she is simply busy, too busy, to concentrate on training. She will stop working in about 6 months, and has indicated that I will see a very different person with plenty of time to really train and use me for Her benefit, and for benefit of all the females in the house."

  3. Do you think Miss Ling will allow you to refer to her as "Mrs. Ling" after the two of you are wed?

  4. She prefers 'Miss Ling' still, and expects that.