Tuesday, December 27, 2016


(Having detailed his proposal to his dominant girlfriend, Miss Ling, in a previous posting, Arthur now shares his thoughts and submissive anticipation of the matriarchal wedding to come, and the possible participation of Miss Ling's two live-in daughters from a previous marriage, Miss A, age 14, and Miss D, age 23.--Thomas Lavalle)

The entire performance of my submissive proposal to Miss Ling was very special and exhilarating for both of us. The girls were a little unsure at first, but did get into it as we progressed. They liked my responses too, and even now I am very careful to thank them when they perform any service or if they allow me to do something for them.

For example, Miss A leaves her dirty laundry in a basket outside of her bedroom. I do not need to ask permission to take it to be washed, but if she happens to see me getting it, I thank her. When I iron Miss D's work shirts and pants and leave them in her room, I always thank her for allowing me to do it, and tell her how pleased I am pleased to serve her. All clean laundry is neatly folded and placed on their respective beds for them. Both girls do not thank me anymore. They are now used to the service and expect it. But initially, I told them it was not necessary to thank me, as this is one way I can serve and enjoy doing so. I told them I should thank THEM. They liked that!

Both girls have seen me frequently kneel before their Mom as well as kiss her feet. I have even said my mantra in their presence once or twice. They always like to see me pay such respect to their Mom and, increasingly, to themselves.

Miss A witnessed a paddling session 2 years ago. I was punished for leaving the windows open, and it rained overnight and water came into the apartment. Miss Ling was not pleased in the morning and told me to clean up the mess, and to remain in the bedroom (we were in our apartment, before moving to the house) as I would be punished, but was to keep my cotton pajama pants on as Miss A was in the apartment.

Miss Ling left the room, and I waited, bending over, for what seemed to have been 30 minutes. When she returned, Miss A was with her. She had already told her daughter what was going to happen and why, but repeated it in my presence, and told me I was to be punished for being so careless. Miss Ling had her 30-inch-long wooden paddle and proceeded to deliver 25 strokes.

She had asked Miss A to take a few pics while the strokes were being given. When she was finished, and while I was still bending over, she lowered my pants to see the damage on my bare ass. I was well marked. Miss A took a pic of that as well. Miss Ling then raised my pants back in place, and I was instructed to say what I wanted to say and to thank her. I knelt, apologized, agreed that the punishment was necessary, and thanked Miss Ling for helping me be a better, more responsible man. Miss A witnessed it all. Afterward, while I was showering and dressing, Miss Ling apparently had a discussion with Miss A about what had occurred and why it was important. Planting and nourishing the seeds of dominance?

Now, as for the formal wedding ceremony, things here are different than what we are used to. It will be a Buddhist ceremony late in the morning for only immediate family, involving monks chanting prayers and giving instructions to the couple and guests. I understand that the couple does little talking. But I am thinking of speaking to the close family group after the monks finish. I will tell them that in a Christian wedding, the bride and groom make promises to one another. I will say that I would therefore like to make a few promises to Miss Ling, and I would invite her to sit in a chair in front of all. I would kneel and tell her how privileged I am to be allowed to be her husband, and then I will repeat my mantra of being a responsible, respectful husband, obedient and well disciplined, etc.

As most of them speak no English, I may ask Miss Ling to translate, or ask her very attractive cousin, who speaks good English, to do so. This woman knows a bit about our lifestyle. In fact, her Mother, Ling's aunt, who will be present, is dominant. Her daughter, still unmarried, will take a leadership role as well when she eventually does marry. Her brother is married and is submissive to his wife. That FLM couple will be in attendance too, and will love seeing my submissive pledges.

At the conclusion of my short speech, Miss Ling will nod her agreement to me and extend one foot to be kissed. After I thank her, this will be repeated with the other foot. This will surprise some in the audience, but many of the female members of the family already know that I do this, and a few, including Miss Ling’s mother, two aunts, her sister and the cousin previously mentioned have seen me do this in person. The males in attendance may be surprised, but I don't care, as this submissive ritual will be solely for the women to see and enjoy and approve that I understand who has the power in our relationship.

And Miss Ling assures me that they will enjoy seeing this. But then, is it not quite common in Western wedding receptions for the bridegroom to go down on his knee before his seated bride to remove her garter, and sometimes with his teeth? What clearer signal could be sent, even if under the guise of tongue-in-cheek, that in the coming marriage the husband’s reverent and rightful place is at the feet of his wife?



  1. As the cake decoration photos indicate, personalized weddings (not to mention funerals), while not common, are becoming more frequent all the time. I think kneeling before your bride and pledging your devotion and obedience is beautiful. And indeed, is it so different from other more common customs like the garter removal or kneeling to propose? Granted, these don't indicate matriarchal relationships generally, but they could be interpreted that way in today's world if the parties involved wish it so.

    I know nothing about Buddhist ceremonies, so if this sound presumptuous or nonsensical, forgive me. Would it be better to try to make sure you're allowed to perform your kneeling ceremony before the wedding day? It'd be unfortunate if you waited until the monks were finished and then, for whatever reason, permission was not granted for your part of the ceremony, or there was some hubbub or disruption because of your request. Again, I don't know the traditions or the parties involved, so maybe this isn't even an issue.

    If it ever came to it, you could have two ceremonies, one more traditional, and one matriarchal. My wife and I did that as I mentioned in another comment. I didn't like the idea at first, but as time has gone by, I just see it as having had two chances to publicly bond myself to my wife instead of one. Anyway, congrats and keep us informed on everything.

  2. Excellent observation and yes, a kneeling ceremony in the presence of monks was not appropriate, so it was shelved. But my lovely wife continually allows me the opportunity to serve her, our daughters and our guests, when present. Simply removing dishes and plates from the table and washing them usually brings comments to my wife from a female guest. She will politely describe some of my responsibilities, enough to indicate that she is very much in control. I will often be asked if i like what i am doing. Sometimes I smile and ask one of our daughters to answer for me. I am a very lucky man. Arthur

  3. Good comments and questions. We have discussed this and as the ceremony is very traditional, the monks, very straight and respected and the guests, mostly vanilla, we will probably revert to the normal routine. However, your idea of a separate ceremony makes a great deal of sense, and Decision Maker likes it too. Thanks. Arthur