Tuesday, December 6, 2016


(“Arthur,” a longtime friend of this blog, details his proposal to his dominant girlfriend, “Miss Ling,” which includes his submissive service to her two live-in daughters from a previous marriage, “Miss A,” age 14, and “Miss D,” age 23.)

My formal proposal to Miss Ling—or, more correctly, my request to be allowed to become her husband—was made on an evening several months ago. Both daughters, Miss A and Miss D, were in attendance.

Miss Ling and I had discussed the procedure several times and how it should go. I even prepared a Proposal Procedure paper for her review. She made some comments and suggested a few changes and an addition, then had me redo it. I did, and she approved. She referred to the paper (see below) during my actual proposal.

Proposal Procedure

Location: Power Room
Present: Miss Ling, Misses A and D, all seated, all barefooted; Arthur, standing until told to kneel

Because the girls are present, Arthur is properly dressed in clean, freshly ironed clothes. The girls are permitted to take pictures as they want, or as their Mother instructs.

MISS LING: Honey, this is a special moment for us, and I want the girls to be here and be part of this as we are one family. Do you agree?

ARTHUR: I agree.

MISS LING: I want you to say thank you after each answer. Understand?

ARTHUR: I understand. Thank you.

MISS LING: I have asked my girls to take pictures as they feel or as I direct. Do you agree?

ARTHUR: I agree. Thank you.

MISS LING: Please kneel now and tell us what you would like to say today.

ARTHUR (kneeling at Miss Ling’s feet): Thank you. I have thought about this day often. I am especially pleased that you want the girls here to assist, as they are a very important part of our family. I would like you to allow me to ask permission to become your husband, but only if I promise to love you, respect you, serve you and obey you always.

MISS LING: Before I answer your question, I have some that you must answer. This is important for the girls to hear your answers, too. Will you always love me?

MISS LING: Will you always respect me?

ARTHUR: I will. Thank you.

MISS LING: Will you always care for me?

ARTHUR: I will. Thank you.

MISS LING: Will you always serve me as I decide and want?

ARTHUR: I will. Thank you.

MISS LING: Will you always obey me, my wishes, and my commands?

ARTHUR: I will. Thank you.

MISS LING: Do you understand that I expect total obedience, immediately?

ARTHUR: I do. Thank you.

MISS LING: Do you understand that you are not allowed to say ‘No’ to me?

ARTHUR: I do. Thank you.

MISS LING: Will you serve and help my daughters, Miss A and Miss D, as I decide?

ARTHUR: I will. Thank you.

MISS LING: Will you obey all orders from Miss A and Miss D when given on my behalf in my absence?

ARTHUR: I will. Thank you.

MISS LING: Will you accept my Rules for your Duties at home and your Behavior everywhere? These will be prepared on a separate paper and be posted in the Power Room.

ARTHUR: I will and I agree. Thank you.

MISS LING: One Rule I will impose immediately is to
require that you weigh no more than 80 kg on our wedding day. Miss A will be in charge of weighing you weekly and posting on the frig door. If you disobey this rule, you will be punished on the night before our wedding, 25 strokes per kg over 80 and every three days afterwards until you reach 80 kg. Do you agree?

ARTHUR: I will and I agree. Thank you.

MISS LING: A second Rule I will impose right now is that you must stop picking your nails. Show us your fingernails now. These look bad and have not been cared for properly even though I have asked you to do this before. I want A to supervise how your nails are growing and she and Miss D will give you a manicure when they decide your nails are ready. I will expect a fresh manicure for our wedding day. Do you agree?

ARTHUR: I agree. Thank you.

MISS LING: In order that I can be certain you will not masturbate and will behave when you are in the town, I will lock you in chastity. You will wear this on our wedding day and before and thereafter as I decide. I will wear the key to show my control. Do you agree?

ARTHUR: I do. Thank you.

MISS LING: Do you agree to accept punishment as and when I determine it is deserved?

ARTHUR: I do. Thank you.

MISS LING: Sometimes the girls may be in the house when you are being punished and will hear or may even see, and will be told the reasons. Do you agree to accept this?

ARTHUR: I do. Thank you.

MISS LING: Honey, you have agreed to my conditions, and I am very happy. I want to first ask the girls if they are pleased with what you have
promised and if they have anything to say. Miss D, are you pleased? Do you have a question or comment? Say what you feel. Don’t be shy. [Miss D said she was pleased but offered no additional comment.] Miss A, are you pleased? Do you have a question or comment? Say what you feel. Don’t be shy.

Miss A asks if I would get her a dog, something I had resisted doing. But, as I just promised to serve and obey, I have no choice but to agree. But Miss Ling tells Miss A that she would have to be responsible for the dog’s care, walking and feeding.)

MISS LING (continuing): Thank you girls. Honey, now I want you to formally thank Miss D and Miss A as I have been trained you to do.

(At this point, Miss Ling explains to the girls that the woman’s foot is a very important symbol of power for men like me: “When I point to my foot, he is trained to immediately stop what he is doing or stop talking, perhaps when not nice, being disrespectful or too loud. If I say ‘Down,’ he must kneel. If I hold my foot out toward him, he must kiss it. This is a formal thank you and works very well in controlling him, in keeping him obedient and respectful. My foot has much power over him. Remember this and learn how we can use it with him. You may want to train your husband one day. All men are trainable, but not all women understand this, and they fail to train their men. This is a big reason why there are problems in marriages and families. Women should begin to train males when they are young boys.”)

ARTHUR (moving to kneel before Miss D): Miss D, I hope you now understand why it is so important for the women in the family be in charge, as all men need direction and control for a successful marriage. I want you to remember when your time comes. Thank you for being here today and for accepting me into your family. Will you allow me to properly thank you by kissing your feet and to show my respect?

(She glanced to her Mother, who nodded approval, then extended both bare feet. Arthur bowed and kissed both very well, then thanked her.)

ARTHUR (moving to kneel before Miss A): Miss A, I hope you now understand why it is so important for the women in the family be in charge, as all men need direction and control for a successful marriage. I want you to remember when your time comes. Thank you for being here today and for accepting me into your family. Will you allow me to properly thank you by kissing your feet and to show my respect?

(She extends both bare feet. Arthur bowed and kissed both very well, then thanked her.)

MISS LING: It is time to say your mantra with meaning and love. (She pointed to her feet, and Arthur returned to his proper position.)

ARTHUR: Honey, I promise to be a responsible, respectful, obedient and, with your help, well-disciplined husband. My duty is to serve you, respect you and obey you always. I love you. Thank you.

MISS LING: Thank you, honey. The three of us are pleased with what you have promised. So, to answer your question, yes, I will give you permission to become my husband. You may now formally thank me as you have been trained, and I want a good picture of this, girls.

(Miss Ling extends her foot and points to it. Arthur bows and kisses both feet, including heels, lovingly and until Miss Ling says to stop.)

ARTHUR: Thank you, honey, very much for allowing me this privilege and pleasure.

MISS LING: I want the girls to listen to what I say now. Successful marriages require discipline. I know this, I have read this and we have discussed this. You have told me that to be a good husband you need to be controlled and disciplined. Remember Elise’s words of advice. She disciplines her husband once every week, based on a set schedule, whether he has been disobedient or not. “Discipline should never stop,” she says, “Discipline keeps the men in line, but if it stops, men will quickly go back to their old ways.” So, honey, I think we should start off right now on a new program of training as Elise advises. I have not disciplined you as much as I would like or as I feel you need, but that will change right now, and I will continue this program of discipline once every week from now on. And this will continue even if we are traveling or visiting friends or family.  Do you agree to accept this?

ARTHUR: I do. Thank you.

MISS LING: Girls, do you understand what I have said and why this is important? Men require almost constant female supervision if they are to be at their best, at work or at home. So it is our job, all of us, to see that Papa does his best always and obeys our wishes always. If he does not, then you must tell me and we will discuss this and I will make sure Papa learns his lesson, if that is needed. Do you understand or have any questions?

(The girls smiled and nodded as though they understood, but had no questions.)

ARTHUR: Thank you, Honey. I feel very lucky. I need your control and discipline always. I will serve and obey as you like, always.

Arthur’s Post-Proposal Comments:
The girls were shy and resisted the foot kiss at first. Miss Ling insisted and told
them this is important to show proper respect to them. First, Miss D extended her feet to me to be kissed. Miss A also was shy at first, but seeing her sister do it, she too extended her lovely feet to me. When they did allow me to pay this homage, they were excited and liked it, giggling the whole time. Later, their Mother confirmed to me that they really liked the foot-kiss ritual.

Chastity was not really understood by the girls; they did not ask questions. My chastity device was not put on, but will be before the wedding. Discipline they do understand; and both know I am disciplined. Miss A has witnessed one session already. Both have seen me kneel before their Mom on several occasions, as well as kiss her feet. I have even said my mantra in their presence once or twice. But they always like to see me pay such respect to their Mom and, in this case, to themselves.

For my part, no question that it was a special moment and a dream fulfilled, and I have the photos to remember it, a dozen, mostly taken by the girls.
I am now thinking of the wedding ceremony and wondering what, if any, formal supplication could or should be made. This will be a vanilla audience, mostly Miss Ling’s family.



  1. Arthur, you said the audience at your wedding will be mostly vanilla. There are all kinds of vanilla weddings and receptions of course, but if a garter tossing is involved, and you remove your wife's garter, you could probably kiss her feet then without any thing awkward coming of it. After all, some grooms remove their bride's garter with their teeth, so foot kissing shouldn't be too big a deal.

  2. In a Female Led homes with more than one woman, such as roommates or sisters living together. Each woman should have equal authority to instruct, supervise and discipline the male. This also applies in homes where there is a mother and daughter. If the mother has determined that her daughter is mature enough to properly handle the situation. The daughter should also have equal authority over the male. Anything less will eventually be destructive to the established order in the home. Of course there are variables that need to be taken into consideration in every case.

    1. Indeed. Acknowledging the variables that you mention, any female in the home should have a chance to exercise power as soon as she's mature enough. And any male has to be acclimated to this from birth or, if he's not born into such a home, as soon as the matriarchal family is formed. And not surprisingly, the younger the male is normalized to matriarchy the better.

  3. Arthur responds to Debra's son above:

    'Thank you for your comment. No, there is no garter toss in a Buddhist wedding. It is a completely different ceremony, different form of dress. But, the official photographer took some good pics of her talking to me in a manner showing control, and my reaction, one of submission. I added some text of the discussion to the pics, and they are framed and in the Power Room. These pics are available for anyone to see if they go into the room.

    'To give you an idea, one pic shows a full profile of me standing, attention like, facing her and obviously listening to her. She is talking with her hand raised. The text on the pic says, "When I raise my hand like this, you will immediately stop talking. If, or when, I point my finger to the floor, you will kneel and bow to my feet. Is this understood, new husband?

    'The girls especially like the pictures.'

    1. Excellent! I apologize for missing the point that it was a Buddhist wedding, but the photos with text is a great idea. You'll always be reminded in a charming yet unequivocal way of your place in your marriage and family. These pictures will always be special to you both of course, but you've got me thinking about something like a series of photos taken during the course of a marriage. As the years go by new photos are taken accompanied by new texts which portray a current issue that the husband is working on to improve, or perhaps a victory or a new level of submission he's achieved. The new photos are added to the ones already on the wall if space permits. A husband, throughout his marriage could take time to be alone and meditate on these photos, past and present, as a form of worship and continual rededication to his wife and family. Again, great idea, Arthur!

  4. Arthur responds to Debra's Son above:

    "Thanks for your comments and observations. Yes, the pics, with or without text, will provide a continual record of the family dynamic. They will certainly provide me with meditation material. But they will also be nice visual reminders for the women of the wonderful family dynamic they have created. Of course, as they grow and marry and eventually have children, the pics may help in sharing ideas with their children and husbands, teaching and perhaps continuing with the lifestyle, even improving upon it. As well, the women are always free to share the pics and more with close friends and perhaps other family members."

  5. Will there come a time, do you think, when Miss A or Miss D will have authority to physically discipline you?

  6. I really don't know what Her plans are in this respect. Miss D is in process of buying her own property, so will be moving out within 6 months. Miss A, who has witnessed a discipline session and will no doubt witness more as she gets older, may at some point be allowed by Her Mother to do so, or at least participate in sessions especially if the reason(s) for the discipline involved Her or were discovered by Her.