Wednesday, February 15, 2017


(Arthur’s continues the account of his submissive courtship of the dominant Miss Ling in the lead-up to their matriarchal marriage, and his ongoing devotional service to Miss Ling's two live-in daughters from a previous marriage.)

When Miss Ling marries me and we build a house together, which we both want to do, the plan is for a separate small building for the Power Room, sort of like a mother-in-law suite. (Note: The Power Room is a separate room that Miss Ling uses for my discipline sessions, giving me a serious talking-to, etc. It has one chair for her to sit, and a second chair that I lean over when being spanked, caned, etc.; otherwise I kneel at her feet. I have mentioned to Miss Ling that I would also like to have a proper pedicure chair in the Power Room, and perhaps a massage table as well, and she seems agreeable.)

Before Miss Ling’s two daughters (Miss A, age 14, and Miss D, age 23) came to live with us, the rule was that I was always to be kept naked in the Power Room. Obviously having a separate building for our intimate rituals would give Miss Ling more privacy to express her feelings, wishes, demands and frustrations. She says she is also thinking about adding another chair or two, or perhaps even a sofa, because “You never know, I may have guests.”

The implication is quite clear. At some point I am sure the girls will be invited to witness my discipline sessions (with me clothed, of course) and maybe receive some training themselves in proper execution of discipline of the male. Perhaps one or two of Miss Ling’s cousins or even a few close friends will be invited in to witness how our matriarchal marriage is conducted.

I don't think the girls will be given authority to discipline me outright, at least not yet. More likely they will be encouraged to report any faults or misbehaving or disrespect to their Mother, who will decide what to do, in consultation with them. And if it's decided that I am to be disciplined, I am certain one or both will attend the Power Room session and perhaps even be given the cane or crop to use.

I confess that just thinking about all this can be a bit overwhelming! Like everything else in my future, it is all in Miss Ling’s hands.


Tuesday, of course, was Valentine’s Day—the first one for me with all three “girls.” Miss Ling told her girls that Papa had something for them for Valentine’s Day and would give it to them after dinner. So, after dinner, I was told it was time to celebrate Valentine’s and I was instructed to go to the Power Room. Normally, when I hear these words, I must strip naked and, in the Room, wait for her, kneeling with face to the floor, facing towards the door. This time she said I could sit in the chair and wait for them.

I immediately gathered my small gifts and cards and did as she ordered. Five minutes later the three girls came in. I immediately stood as Miss Ling sat in the chair. The girls stood on either side. Miss Ling told me to kneel before  her. Her daughters giggled as I obeyed. She told the girls that I had something to say, then looked at me and said, “Okay, honey.”

I said that this was a very special Valentine’s Day and how lucky I am to have three Valentines to whom I may say “I love you,” and also that I am privileged to serve. And then to Miss Ling I added a special love message about how lucky I am to be married very soon and how I know I will be in good hands for the rest of my life to serve her, to obey her and to be trained and punished as she wishes in order to make me a better person. As I said these words Miss Ling looked at her daughters and all were smiling brightly.

Then I handed to each a Valentine’s card with a message similar to what I had just said aloud. There was also a small amount of money in each envelope, which they liked, of course. Then I gave to each a small gift: To Miss D a bar of coconut soap, which is supposed to be very good for the skin; to Miss A, a tube of special body lotion; and to Miss Ling a natural shampoo health product. All gifts related to their bodies to keep them “lookin’ good.”

I then asked them if I had forgotten anything? Miss A said that chocolate is customarily given on Valentine’s Day along with flowers. “Ah yes,” I said, “I forgot.” Then I looked in my bag and  said, “Wait a minute.” And pulled out three nicely wrapped brownies fresh from the local bakery. They loved that. Then I said. “One more thing. Come outside a minute.'” And mother and daughters all  followed me to the garden and saw three hanging plants with decorative message and clay hearts. This, too, I was happy to see pleased them very much.

Then Miss Ling told us all to return to the Power Room for one more thing. The girls giggled again. Inside, I was instructed by Miss Ling to kneel before her again. She said that she and her daughters wanted to thank me for my thoughtful gifts and heartfelt words. “We are very pleased at what you have done,” she said, “and here is your special reward.”
With that, Miss Ling extended one bare foot for me to kiss, then the other, and I gave each of her lovely feet a long devotional kiss. Then she turned and nodded to Miss D, who extended a bare foot to be kissed, then the other. Miss A continued to giggle and certainly did not have to be told what to do. She, too, extended a lovely bare foot, then the other, to be kissed. After each kiss, I made sure to say, “Thank you.”

It was a very special Valentine’s Day, one I will never forget. I am such a lucky man.

Remember, men, that women all over the world like to be told that they are special, and that they like and deserve to be treated with respect and devotion. Many women—more and more, in my opinion—also like to be obeyed. Matriarchy gives women the power to ensure that husbands remain always true to their word and faithful. Female power is a wonderful thing! I wish more women—and their males—understood this!



  1. What a wonderful Valentine's Day. I think I've said it before, but I'm drawn to the serene formality and tender obeisance of your devotion to Miss Ling and her offspring. You all seem to be exactly on the same page, and that will make for a well-run, happy, peaceful household in the years to come. I'll bet you can't wait to marry her.

  2. Thank you, Dave, for another nice comment. Yes, Miss Ling does like a little formality, and most certainly, expects obedience. Of course, the rules in place for me are known to all 3, and any new rule is shared with Miss A and Miss D. Respect is an important ingredient too, and it flows both ways, at Miss Ling's insistence. My respect shown to all 3 ladies is simply natural and continual. The respect they show me is different, but is greatly appreciated and it makes us all feel better about ourselves and our relationships. My respect is what one would expect from a submissive or bottom. I hold doors for all 3, always offer to carry their packages, always respond with a "Yes Ma'am" when requested to do a favor or perform a task. When finished I will thank them for being allowed to assist. They, likewise, thank me, but I am trying to wean them off that. All they need say is "Your welcome" when I thank them. Their respect shown to me is more like a very courteous manner as one would deal with a senior servant.
    We are all learning and practicing, but much is being done to give the 2 younger ones a proper upbringing, and sound lessons in how to deal with males.

  3. The thanks they continually gives us is that they allow us to serve our superiors.
    I have very little money given to me in an allowance but it is supplemented by money taken from the budget for my upkeep. She and Her Daughter will discuss the budget for their charges and if it means reducing "treats" or finding cheaper foodstuffs particularly for me then so be it. There are limits to what size and weight I can attain My Darling preferring the thinner looking male. There are no limits for my Wife and Daughter to achieve and aspire too. When faced with their losing the ability to pay for say more expensive seats at the theatre and my getting a better quality bread and what goes between it they think on it and choose quite rightly their improved welfare. I and my Wife try and alleviate any impact on our sons food and drink so mine inevitably suffers. My fore bearance is gladly given knowing that as a man I must make sacrifices as I hope my son will make once he has a leading partner to strive for of his own. Femsup

    1. As long as what you're eating keeps you in good health, I think it's great to sacrifice treats, premium foodstuffs, and other things. Even when money becomes less of an issue, it's still appropriate and gratifying to live as frugally as possible. Every dime saved on your own food, clothes, or expensive hobbies is a dime your wife can use for herself and the children. And the example you're setting for your son is priceless.