Saturday, March 25, 2017


When Miss Ling goes to work each morning, she requires me to open the driveway gate, then to close it after she drives through. Now, to understand what happened this morning, you need to know that for the past month Miss Ling has required me to wear only a shirt to bed and nothing else—no bottom, no underwear.

This morning, as it happened, I was still in bed when Miss Ling was ready to leave, so I jumped out of bed and hurried outside to open the gate. Miss Ling giggled, reminding me that I had no pants. Not knowing what else to do, I pulled the shirt down lower. She asked me to turn around so she could see what, if anything, was visible below the shirt. Her older daughter (Miss D), I should add, had just left, while her younger daughter (Miss A) was still asleep.

As Miss Ling was driving through, she lowered her window and said I was to be dressed like this when opening the gate from now on. She said it in a serious manner, so I bowed and said “Yes, ma'am.” She gave me a power smile, then giggled and drove on.


It is such a privilege to serve the magnificent Miss Ling and her two lovely daughters. I know how lucky I am. And just being able to see those six lovely feet each day is a wonderful reminder to me of my role in this matriarchal household.

Yesterday Miss A (aged 14) showed me her fingers with a new color polish she had just applied. They looked good and I told her so. Then I looked at her beautiful bare feet, which were not polished, and suggested that perhaps I should apply the same polish to those, too, as they should match.
Miss A smiled and said “Maybe.” I said we could even try different colors on each toe. Again, giggles. One day soon I hope I am rewarded with the opportunity.


This morning Miss A handed me her white tennis shoes and asked if I would clean them and dry them so she could take them with her on a school trip in the afternoon.

I thanked her for the privilege and took the shoes. Miss Ling has a special soap for this, I knew, but I didn't know where it was kept, so asked her. I was so glad I did ask Miss Ling, as she told me that only the rubber portions—the toe, along the sides and back—needed cleaning, so I had to take pains not to get them wet as they wouldn’t dry in time. Miss Ling found the soap, then got a toothbrush and showed me exactly how she wanted me to clean them. I followed her instructions, and they looked good and I dried them in the sun.

Later, when dry, I put them in Miss A’s room where she would see them.

Later Miss Ling told me that the toothbrush she handed me to use on her daughter’s shoes was mine!


About a month ago, Miss Ling decided that I would sleep at her feet on Thursday nights. I recall that when I first assumed this position and was fully accessible to her feet for kisses, I asked her if she was worried that one of the girls would walk in (they have full access to our bedroom).

No, Miss Ling wasn't worried, pointing out that they have both seen me kiss her feet before, as well as having had theirs kissed. Sure enough, about fifteen minutes later, Miss A quietly opened the door, whispered something to her mother, went to the bathroom to get something, and then left the room.

During this interruption, I stopped worshipping, but Miss Ling continued to wiggle her foot, signaling me to continue, which I obediently did. Miss A saw it all, but, exactly as her mother predicted, took it in stride and said nothing. Miss Ling and I eventually fell asleep, with me hugging her beautiful feet.

I look forward to Thursday nights!



  1. Such a lucky man serving Miss Ling :) i envy you

  2. I am astounded that you are not up a lot earlier making all your owners breakfasts and ironing their clothes before She gets in Her car. Femsup

  3. Haha. Femsup, their clothes are sorted, folded and ironed after they are dry, then put in their closets or drawers, ready for wear when they decide. As for breakfast, we are dealing with different cultures here. Their ideas for breakfast and mine are completely different, requiring different skills. Every now and then they like a Western breakfast, but that is special and on a weekend. The prefer to make their own normally. Thx for the comment.

  4. I so wish I was serving my Betters in such a way

  5. A lovely little story, Thomas. Lucky you!