Monday, May 1, 2017


(Arthur continues to document his submissive service to “Miss Ling,“ his dominant Asian fiancee, and to her two live-in daughters from a previous marriage, Miss A, age 14, and Miss D, age 23.)

Both of Miss Ling’s delightful daughters went to a movie today. I seized on the opportunity to iron 10 shirts for the younger girl, Miss A, then folded and sorted the rest of the laundry she had done earlier and hung it out to dry (we use the sun, not a dryer).

Alas, Miss A is still a bit hesitant about asking me to do her laundry, but when she and her older sister returned and Miss A saw what I had done, she flashed me a big girly smile and thanked me. The only thing better would be if she didn’t thank me! I'm trying to get her to take my service for granted, to convince her that a “good boy”-type acknowledgement is sufficient—after, that is, she checks that all was done to her satisfaction. But I am of course proud that my work found favor.

On a related topic, I had mentioned several times to Miss A over the past months about giving her a pedicure. She kept saying “maybe, but not today.” Finally, last week she said it was time for a pedicure. I responded with an immediate “Yes, ma’am” and began preparing the soaking bowl and supplies. Her feet were very clean and there is no dry skin on the bottom or heels. She cares for her lovely feet very well, as do her mother and sister. All the more reason for me to help keep them that way!

Anyhow, I put some nice-smelling liquid in the water and massaged her feet for a while, relaxing her, letting her get used to the pampering. She soon picked up her computer tablet and was off in her world, leaving her feet in my hands!

After drying them, I examined each toe for cuticle buildup and any loose skin that might needed trimming. After this was done, I began filing the nails. Cleaning followed, then a buffing to give them a shine.

At this point I lifted each foot for Miss A’s inspection and approval before I dared begin with the polish. She spotted a couple of flaws in my work and told me to correct them. I thanked her for her supervision, and promptly did so. This time she was clearly pleased.

It seemed an opportune time to discuss with her the importance of a woman receiving devoted service from the man in her life (in Miss A’s case, presumably, from a future husband) and how critical it can be for a couple’s relationship and establishing a proper female-directed lifestyle in the house.

I told Miss A that even boyfriends can be taught to serve; and those that refuse or don't understand are not worth wasting time with. I knew, of course, that her mother has told her this, too, and both daughters are very aware of the many dutiful and devoted services I perform for their mother as well as for them, and all three love the relaxed female-centric atmosphere at home—the laughter, the teasing, the complete absence of masculine backtalk, etc. They are learning, bit by bit, the benefits of a Female Led Household.

But back to the task at hand. I inserted her toe separators and began applying the bottom coat. While that was drying, Miss A selected the polish—actually two polishes, one with sprinkles. This I brushed on as carefully as I could, but some spilled over on to the skin, so I had to remove it and clean the surrounding skin. Despite my careful work, one toenail was still unacceptable to Miss A, and she made me redo it. Another nail Miss A herself touched by accident, so that, too, had to be redone.

Before going on to apply the top coast, I had her make another inspection at my fix to the polish. She approved, and gave me permission to put on the final coat. Afterward I held each precious foot close to my mouth so I could blow-dry the nails to help them dry faster. This service may have surprised Miss A, but she definitely seemed to enjoy it and let me finish the job.

Finally she asked me to examine the bottom of her foot as she felt something there that was bothering her, and she nodded approval when I took care of this matter quickly.

But I have left something important out of my story. You see, while all this was going on, Miss A’s mother, Miss Ling, was taking pictures of the event. I wish I could share these with the readers of this blog, but you will understand that, for privacy reasons, I cannot do so. So the pedicure photos accompanying this account are, shall we say, generic?

PS. A couple of days later, I asked Miss A if she had shown her pedicure to any of her friends at school. She said that she had, and they all liked it very much. Another of Miss A’s teen girlfriends, I learned, will be visiting next week. This young lady had recently sprained a ligament in her ankle, which was in a cast. She posted a pic of her leg/foot on Facebook.

I pointed out to Miss A that it looked like her friend needed a pedicure, and maybe that would help her feel a little better. Miss A giggled and agree and said that she may mention my pedicure service to her friend when she gets here. Fingers crossed!

PPS. I have given Miss A several more pedicures since writing this. She's very comfortable having me do this now. During the procedure I stop at certain points and ask her if all is OK. She inspects my work closely and comments. Today there were three times she made me redo a nail or correct something. I don't like making mistakes, but I do like her take-charge attitude and that way she is learning to supervise.

She also had me dry her hair again after she had washed it. She says I do a very good job. Only 14! Imagine her at 18!!!


  1. Why pick the figure of 18. I am thinking when She enters Her majesty when She is much more mature. Femsup

  2. Very Educative. Thank you. Will love to listen more such stories..