Wednesday, May 31, 2017


(Arthur continues to document his submissive service to “Miss Ling,“ his dominant Asian fiancee, and to her two live-in daughters from a previous marriage, Miss A, age 14, and Miss D, age 23.)

Three days ago Miss D showed me her toes and said she needed to cut her nails. I dared to disagree, saying that I thought they were too short, and that if she kept them a little longer, they would look even more beautiful when polished.

She smiled. I had pleased her with my comment!

Two days later—yesterday—was Miss D’s day off. I was sitting at the foot of our bed, looking at something, when she came in to lie down and we started chatting. At some point I looked at her feet, which were very close to me, then began to examine each toe closely. Again I dared to comment that I thought she was keeping the nails too short.

“I’ll make a deal with you,” I said. She didn’t understand the expression, so I explained what I had in mind. I proposed that she not touch her nails for one month and that, during that time, she allow me to file and shape them on each of her days off or whenever she would want it done.

She giggled but liked the idea. But I stressed that she must agree not to cut her nails or do anything to them, only come to me whenever her feet needed attention. She told me that she doesn’t think her feet pretty. I insisted that they are, but said that when her nails are longer and nicely shaped and polished, she will agree with me.

But I couldn’t just leave it at that. I pointed out to Miss D that it is important to have pretty feet. People notice them, and many shoes are designed to show off the female foot. Beautiful feet can actually reflect power, and it’s very important for you to have such power.

“Your Mother has it, as you know, and much is symbolized by her feet, as you also know.” Miss D smiled and nodded.

I intended this to be an ongoing conversation between us, so I wanted to emphasize the importance of her understanding female power and how to use it.

So, with her agreement, I grabbed my pedicure kit and began working on her toenails, trimming off some loose skin at the edges, filing where I could, then buffing them to a shine. I proposed that we skip the polish for now, until her nails grew longer. Miss D agreed. But she did liked the shiny look from my buffing. Then, at my request, she turned over and let me work on her heels with my sander. Not much was needed as her heels were well cared for. Finally I got a wet washcloth and cleaned and moistened her feet, wiping off the residue from my work, rubbing each toe and heel thoroughly.

Miss D was very pleased as she examined my work closely. I reminded her of the one-month ban on her cutting or trimming her toes. “That’s now my job,” said. She promised.

Miss Ling is in complete agreement regarding my serving the girls, teaching them about their female power and giving them both pedicures. Hopefully I will be given more and more tasks and will be subject to scrutiny of my work. Miss Ling does that already and is becoming more specific with her instructions and expectations from me.

Miss D, too, has made a couple of comments on ironing I have done for her, suggesting improvements. I am going to respectfully suggest to Miss Ling that she might want to correct my performance when one or both girls are present, so they can see more how a Female Led Home functions. After she finishes correcting me, she can discuss with the girls, explaining how I am to be dealt with, how I am to be asked or simply told to do things for them whenever they want, and about the need always to monitor my progress and performance. Anytime they are not satisfied with my service to them, and if they are shy about saying anything directly to me, perhaps they can tell her about the problem, and she will deal with it—and me—and hopefully in their presence.
Postscript: Today I was privileged to clean four pairs of shoes for the girls. Usually I just inspect their shoes, and if they need cleaning, I do it. But sometimes, just to emphasize their power, I ask if they have any shoes to clean or any laundry or ironing they want done. I am hoping to get them to the point where I need not have to ask, but will just be handed shoes to clean or told that they have dirty laundry in their bedroom that needs to be washed. Miss Ling already does this with me most of the time, but the girls have not witnessed this yet. I think I will suggest that she do this in the presence of the girls, so they can become familiar with issuing me orders in this routine way.


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