Sunday, June 25, 2017


(Arthur continues to document his submissive service to “Miss Ling,“ his dominant Asian wife, and to her two live-in daughters from a previous marriage, Miss A, age 14, and Miss D, age 23.)

Last week was my birthday. In the past Miss Ling has followed the femdom tradition of birthday spanks for submissive husbands—i.e., one for each year. This time, however, there was a difference. Miss A had a day off and was at home. The Power Room* was not used, but she invited her younger daughter, Miss A, into our bedroom and told her exactly what was about to happen.

Miss A smiled, then giggled, and continued to do so as Miss Ling smacked away with her paddle. Because of Miss A's attendance, I was fully clothed, but my female owner made a point to say she wanted me to feel each stroke through the clothes. She then handed the paddle to Miss A, who initially refused, but then giggled some more and accepted the punishment instrument as her Mother showed her where to stand for the best leverage.

Miss A’s first stroke was tentative, but Miss Ling instructed her to hit harder “so he can really feel it.” This Miss A promptly did, and then harder some more. After perhaps 10 strokes, she handed the paddle back to her Mother, who finished me with about 10 more delivered vigorously.

The full number equal to my age was not given, again I’m guessing because of the presence of the teenaged Miss A, for whom this was all quite new. When my birthday ritual was finished, I knelt and thanked them both. Later, after Miss A had left the room, Miss Ling lowered my pants to examine the damage and was pleased to see all the red paddle marks.

Several day after that birthday session, Miss Ling and I were in our bedroom talking. Miss A was on the bed as well, looking at her iPad. I had forgotten to do a domestic task, and Miss Ling reminded me of that, and said that I needed to be punished for my oversight.

Feeling somewhat daring, I teased Miss Ling by asking, “Punish? What is that?”

Miss Ling laughed, then said seriously that she realizes she has been slacking off on administering my punishments over the past year, but that all will change very soon when she retires and can devote more time to my training.

Her daughter seemed to enjoy what she perhaps thought was only a playful warning from her mother to me. As for me, I simply and prudently nodded and said, “Yes, Ma’am.” Miss Ling then added that I will be reacquainted with her Power Room very soon. And she smiled.

Miss Ling is quite comfortable talking this way in front of her girls. And I, too, am glad for them to see her power and authority over me on display, and for them to see my reaction and especially my unquestioning obedience. Eventually, I imagine the girls will witness and perhaps even participate in my punishment sessions. This may be the only way for them to really learn the true meaning and value of Female control.

(* The Power Room is a separate room that is used for my discipline session, serious talks, etc. It has one chair for Miss Ling to sit in. I am usually kneeling, and the rule is that I must be naked in the Power Room (unless her daughters are present, of course); in fact I must enter it naked. It has a second chair that I must lean over when being spanked, caned, etc.)

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