Tuesday, June 6, 2017


A woman who is a fairly regular reader of this blog has called my attention to the new blockbuster superheroine movie, “Wonder Woman,” which she regards as a “ small but important milestone in the world of socio-feminine hierarchy.” And this woman, a matriarchal wife and mother herself, went on from there, and in such eloquent terms that I asked her permission to share her thoughts with my readers:

 “This sort of movie is vitally important because it reshapes our cultural perspective on a woman's capabilities. It exemplifies that we can be action heroes or direct action films. We can be sexy and tough and funny, all at the same time. More importantly, it allows a new generation of young girls to dream bigger and more defiantly. On the schoolyard playground, these girls won't want to play house; they'll play superhero. And, as they grow into women, they are less likely to be hampered by the subconscious limitations subtly imprinted upon us by Hollywood's notion that women are dainty damsels in distress who require rescue by men. If rescue is required, they'll do it themselves. Here's hoping that Wonder Woman's success inspires the entertainment industry to start making more films centered around strong, capable women. It would be a shame if cinematic change is delayed until the generation of young girls who saw the movie this weekend grow up and take over Hollywood. Because they will.”

"Wonder Woman" has opened with blockbuster box-office numbers and seems perfectly positioned to become a major film franchise spawning sequels, action figures and all the rest. Let's hope so!

Finally, here are a couple L.A. Times newspaper articles—one from the director and one from a female staff writer—both of which support my articulate reader's thesis:

Recommendation: Buy a large buttered popcorn and settle in the panoramic darkness and watch WW kick butt!

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