Monday, July 24, 2017


(A note from Thomas Lavalle: Readers of Mark Remond’s Worshipping Your Wife may recall references to a strict matriarchal clan in the posts of Dennis, Ms. Nancy (his ruling wife), and Ms. Nancy’s mother, Lady Susan. In March of last year I was privileged to receive a guest post from Lady Susan, A Shoe Shrine for Reverent Males. I’m pleased to offer the following brief commentary from Lady Susan on the previous posts from the works of Madame Rebecca.)

Hello! I'm Lady Susan. My daughter, Nancy, and I reside with my submissive male, Dennis. Our woman-in-charge relationship goes back many years, and such relationships in my family go back to my late mother, Joan. It was Joan who introduced Dennis to the many rigors of a female supremacist lifestyle. Dennis stared out with a firm respect for women and was predisposed to feminism. Over the years Joan, Nancy, and I, as well as other women within our extended family, have developed a set of behaviors centered on an ever-expanding set of protocols that males in the family follow to the letter! Our protocols instill the following:

§  Complete obedience
§  Varied physical punishment of male misbehavior as deemed necessary
§  An acceptance of female superiority and male inferiority
§  Domestic servitude on the part of the male
§  Financial matters under the complete control of the woman
§  Finally, there is absolute fidelity on the part of males that is NOT RECIPROCATED on the part of the women. Yes, the males are cuckolded and fully accept this.

I enjoyed Madame Rebecca's posts but have some comments. We never send any man into the corner or put him on a shelf — we want males working and being productive at all times. We find that men love routine, and we set daily tasks for Dennis and other family males. Coming in from his outside employment, Dennis owes six hours of chores in addition to tending to me and any female visitors. On weekends and days off, Dennis is expected to deliver at lease twelve hours of assigned tasks. Dennis does have an hour or two a day for his own recreation, but, of course, this is only if he has satisfactorily completed his housework—and, yes, we inspect his work. Men love routine because they want to please us but don't have a clue on how to do that, so — we tell them. Works for everyone.

Loved your posts, Madame Rebecca.

—Lady Susan


  1. Very good point about wasted time in the corner. Males are a valuable resource particularly their labour. To have them not doing anything is a dereliction of duty both on the part of the inferior and the superior. He needs to be productive and she needs to give clear orders. Its refreshing to see his time is fully planned out. As he gets more efficient at doing something he should be able to take on more tasks so no slacking there.Femsup

  2. Lady Susan, we devoted readers of Thomas' site are greatful for your contribution and training ideas.
    You, Madame Rebecca and Miss Sandra contribute so much in experience, in advice and encouragement
    to us males and our owners. You certainly give me more energy to do more, do better, be more
    obedient and grateful to be allowed to serve my Owner and her daughters in our household. Thank you
    for being very clear about the Woman's role and responsibility. Often the woman can be unsure or hesitant
    in using her power, but confidence is gained with knowledge and with results. In our house, much knowledge
    gained by my Owner/wife is derived from reading the words of the three of you. For this, she is fortunate,
    and I receive the benefits of her training. With respect and thanks, arthur.

  3. Awesome post. Would love to read more from Lady Susan or Ms. Nancy or Dennis..

  4. I understand the belief that working a male and keeping him productive makes good use of a servant. But on the other hand, corner time and other activities that train and mold a slave are very productive in their own way. I think that circumstances should dictate the methods used and not any preset rules.