Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Some distinct trends have emerged from Kaitlin’s research into women-led relationships (see previous post). The following represents her interviews with 130 women, all professionals, age 30-59:

Women have been cuckolding their husbands for some time, going back to the ’50s, a time when women were assumed to be accepting of their husband’s dominance over them. Much to the contrary, Kaitlin’s research shows women not only exerted control at home but satisfied their sexual appetites outside the home.

And these trends are accelerating.

Women have eclipsed men in earnings and in positions of authority in society. They now have the money and power to do as they wish, making an impact in society and, more strikingly, at home. An increasing number of men are finding themselves in domestic roles that occupy all or a considerable amount of their time. And they more and more of them are not simply stay-at-home males but rather strictly managed domestics or maids. There is a difference between the two as will be discussed later.

So, in Kaitlin’s findings, what are some of the intriguing trends that have emerged in regard to cuckolding (i.e., where she is sexually free and he is not)?

·        Increasing numbers of women, dissatisfied with their sex lives, have cuckolded their husbands, many times with his knowledge but not with his approval.
·        Twenty-five percent of women have thought about dating again.
·        Poor sexual performance on the part of the male is a major motivation for cuckolding.
·        A sense of excitement and adventure motivates powerful women to cuckold.
·        Feeling under-appreciated motivates powerful women to cuckold.
·        Alpha males make women feel attractive and desirable.

·        “Girls’ Night Out” isn’t just for the ladies; increasingly alpha males are involved.
·        When women earn in excess of $75,000 per year, the likelihood of their cuckolding their husband greatly increases.
·        Women who travel on business are 50 percent more likely to cuckold their husbands.

·        Women in positions of power tend to be seen as “attractive” or “very attractive” by alpha males. Such males increasingly seek “dating” opportunities with powerful women.

·        A significant percentage of alpha males also view older women as “very attractive.”
·        A woman’s body type is often of minimal concern to alpha males.
·        Powerful women are inviting their mothers and aunts to live with them. This is not only a benefit for the both the older and young women, but also a way to keep tabs on stay-at-home males.
·        More women are seeking prenuptial agreements to protect their assets.
·        More women are seeking prenuptial agreements to guarantee access to the assets of their husbands.

·        Despite their earning, on average, significantly more than their husbands, more and more women control the finances and social activities.
·        Many “domestic males” report that their financial resources are “very limited.”
·        Many wives spend an average of two hours a week coaching, lecturing, and disciplining their husbands.

—Lady Susan


  1. Exciting research findings. I don't doubt there was a lot of cuckolding going on in the '50s. Women had to be much more discreet then, but they knew what kind of world they were living in, and they were smart enough to navigate the repressive atmosphere of those days. All the trends described above regarding cuckolding in today's world ring true. Women's husbands won't or can't satisfy them, and like it or not, alpha males exist to create a natural chemistry between themselves and women. A wise woman will take advantage of this chemistry for the sake of her overall well-being. It's up to us non-alphas to be mature enough to accept reality.

    While I have no research to back this up, I think the fact that women marry later nowadays might contribute in some way too. They get used to sex on the own terms, and they don't want to give that up when they marry. That was certainly the case with my wife. Also, I think women need variety. Many women have just been shamed into pretending they don't. The old canard that a woman's supreme goal is to be monogamous to one man for her whole life is an ideal manufactured for the benefit of men under patriarchy. That ideal is only of some benefit for women when they're powerless and have no other choice but to cling to one man to survive. Now that women are gaining more power all the time, monogamy will only oppress and hold them back

    The finding that women who travel on business are more likely to cuckold rings true as well. My wife's work doesn't require her to travel, but she has a female friend who does. Her friend travels to Japan and Europe several times a year. She's had many affairs and even conceived one of her children during a trip. She implied that being free to satisfy her sexuality made her less irritable and frustrated, which made the business aspects of her trips less stressful and more invigorating, and therefore more profitable. And the fact that she had a responsible, devoted husband taking care of the home front while she was gone kept her worry-free.

    As for finances, money is power, and a strong intelligent woman should have the all assets and transactions under her control. In our case, I manage the finances with my wife's permission because that's my field, but she has complete control and possession of all assets and income, my earnings as well as hers. I get a monthly allowance for household expenses, but If I want any discretionary income, I ask her for it and I abide by her decisions.

    The idea of "coaching, lecturing, and disciplining" husbands is important too. It can take many forms. With my wife and me, we have a weekly long conversation about the state of every aspect of our family. Then, she asks if I have any concerns or questions and I'm allowed to speak freely. Then, she tells me what changes, if any, must be made. I'm asked if I have any follow up questions, and if not, she adjourns the meeting. I say from experience that no matter how well a husband knows and adores his wife, there will always be times when he unintentionally displeases her, and communication and/or discipline is necessary to keep resentment and frustration from both the wife and husband at bay.

    Thanks so much to Lady Susan and Ms. Kaitlin for this valuable info.

  2. A woman has the right to run her home as she sees fit. And train, use, work, dress and discipline her male as she wishes. Whether she chooses to cuckold him or not, that is strictly up to her. No one has the right to question her actions, decisions or methods. Everything should be the woman's choice, the males place is to obey without question or hesitation.

    1. I totally agree, Sandra.
      All the decisions must be exclusively up to the Wife, so if she want to have a lover or simply want to go to bed with someone It's Her right to do anything she want to do, no matter if hubby likes it or not, he have nothing to do but to humbly accept his wife's decisions without complains nor daring to ask for explanations, or asking stupid questions. Same thing applies to the way she handle him in all levels, including of course, the discipline and punishments. That's how All marriages and famlies should be hadled. Women are the ones who should rule the households while men have no authority at all.

  3. I'm genuinely curious, why do you believe females are superior to males? I understand that's a bit of a silly question in the sense that women live longer, are generally wiser, and tend to have a power over men that men don't have over women. But how do you justify saying women should be in complete control in a relationship? What's the rationale? Or is it just a kink? I would love if Debra's son could respond. But I'd love to here from anyone. Thanks! And as a male, I would like to one day serve a goddess in a loving flr, but I just can't think of a logical reason for saying women are inherently superior to men.

    1. Hi Pepe Pepe
      First, I want to be clear that my opinions are mine alone. They do not reflect those of the owner, contributors, or commenters of this blog. Others will have different and quite probably more insightful answers than I.

      I think any answer to your question depends on how we define the words "female superiority." For me, it's largely about feminine qualities. There are a set of qualities that we tend to associate more with women based on experience. A set of qualities that women (in general) possess to a greater degree than men (in general) -- qualities like empathy, compassion, tolerance, cooperation, nurturance, etc.

      Another way I look at the phrase, "female superiority," is as a synonym of for the phrase, "better suited." A female is better suited for leadership (I'm thinking of a massive study cited in the Harvard Business Review a few years ago that indicated this. Business Insider published an update of the study in an article titled, "Why Women Are More Effective Leaders Than Men." I won't go into details, but these articles are well worth reading and can be found easily on the net).

      It hasn't happened and therefore it is unproven, but I truly believe that if every leader and legislator in the world were female, we'd have a more civilized world. If there were only half females and half males, the male rulers might overrule or overrun the women, but that doesn't prove superiority. A virulent cancer cell can destroy a healthy body, but that doesn't make the cancer cell superior (unless your notion of the word "superior" is particularly brutal). And for the record, I'm not comparing males to cancer cells. I'm one myself, and the females in my life are glad I'm around.

      To your point about women always being in control, again, many will disagree, but I don't think that a woman must necessarily be in charge at all times in every situation. Sometimes a woman becomes mentally unstable or drug addicted, and there is no other mature adult or adolescent female around. Sometimes a death occurs. Take the case of a widower in a wife-led marriage with children. There may be no other responsible females around, and the husband is the sole authority. I think that is acceptable if the husband has been raised, trained, or is naturally inclined to revere females and feminine traits. He will then allow what he has learned to permeate his interactions with his wife's children. The reason he can be a good guardian is because he has been heavily influenced and educated by women. He's not only been taught by them, he's been influenced by their very nature as biological/social beings.

      A lot more could be said, but in closing I want to cite an incidental fact that I believe is an asset rather than a detriment to women in the long run. Women are, in general, shorter and lighter than men. In some cases substantially so. Therefore, in most cases, if a woman is in charge and is disciplining a man, it is because the man agrees to be disciplined. He could overpower her if he wished. That's not always the case when a man is in charge. He can discipline or even inflict abuse on a woman and she can't always stop him. Add testosterone-driven aggression to a man's physical size, and that's another reason why a woman is "better suited" to being in charge. The overwhelming task is to get more men to agree.

      Having said all the above, I wouldn't get too hung up on why or how women are superior. If you feel it in your bones -- and yes, part of it is desire, a kink if you will, but it's more than that -- then seek out a woman who understands and agrees with your beliefs. Enjoy serving, obeying, and loving her. If we humans waited until we had everything figured out before we acted, we'd all still be hunkering down and shivering in caves.