Monday, September 11, 2017


I found the previous posting concerning voting to be interesting. In our female supremacist family, men have been required to vote and to do so in accordance with the women’s wishes. As many in the post have related, a list of candidates was drawn up and provided to the males; there was no discussion or debate concerning the candidates selected by the women. Women accompanied men to the voting place and made sure the men had their list in hand.

One might ask whether a male might vote contrary to instructions. After all, it is a secret ballot. But we doubt such insubordination ever took place. Males were subordinate to the women in other matters, and we assumed they would tow the line in the voting booth. Men were conditioned to obey and did so no matter whether women were present or not.

An example of this was on one of Dennis’ early visits to our home. Nancy and I were going to the mall, leaving both Dennis and my husband, Bill, at home, each with a lengthy list of chores to be completed before our return. Both men set to their assigned tasks, but Dennis made the mistake of trying to make small talk with Bill in an effort to get to know him. This backfired! Bill was well trained and ignored Dennis completely. Upon our return, Bill promptly notified Nancy and me, and Dennis was turned over to my mother, Joan, for some rather painful retraining. To his credit, Dennis instantly admitted to his insubordination. Dennis was thereby taught a powerful lesson that Nancy and I are sure pervades his life and, yes, extends into the voting booth.

Now, back to voting. Why should women have to provide males with instructions anyway? Shouldn’t they have the feminist credentials and commitment to Matriarchy that empowers them to make the right choices? Proper indoctrination of men is what is required. In Dennis’ and Bill’s case, both are/were actively involved with Feminist organizations and through such connections arrive at the correct candidates to support.

Dennis, for example, is active at a local women’s center where he works on behalf of female and select male candidates (male candidates with Feminist credentials). Dennis does what is demanded of him at the center, which includes going door-to-door for women candidates, putting bumper stickers on his car and signs in the yard, working the polls for feminist candidates, going to marches and rallies, encouraging women to vote, and working in other ways to help feminists get elected. Getting women elected, of course, is a way of extending female views and ideas into society, and a modern male understands this.

Dennis’ feminist credentials go way back to his life on campus where he was an active feminist. In fact, he met Nancy, his future wife, at a feminist rally. Dennis is able to fill out  a sample ballot that we women can agree with; and if a candidate or two might present a question or uncertainty, he then asks for our guidance or guidance from the women at the center. He also advises other men to vote accordingly, passing out sample ballots to men, whether or not they are in a female-run lifestyle. He strives to get women elected through his activism.

To those who question whether women are always the best candidates, we say that we are working to have as many women in office as possible to counter the patriarchal bias that has put so many unqualified men in power. Voting women into office is a vote for Matriarchy, and enlightened males see this and work for its fulfillment.

—Lady Susan


  1. I love to read the posts from Lady Susan or from any other member of her family.. Its very educational..

  2. There are women who advocate patriarchy in its most extreme forms with Women obeying their spouses etc. These Fascists and Medievalists are of course anti what we stand for and just because they are Women should not be voted in as they will hinder the coming Matriarchy. What Lady Susan writes is so right. A good male should through education and indoctrination be able to come to the correct decision as to who would advance Female Supremacist agendas. Once they are achieved males need no longer vote.

  3. Most women don't identify as feminists. And in my opinion for good reason. Feminists have tried to destroy femininity. Of course in the past they did great things like get women the right to vote, but today they tell women to not bother having kids, which is statistically making women less happy. They tell women they should be fighting in the military, which women aren't made for in general. Men should be the ones fighting wars if nessesary. I don't say this to make anyone angry, but I don't think you're helping women or society as a whole by promoting feminism. If you want equality just say you want equality. If you want superiority just say you want superiority. But don't bring feminism into it. Anyway, I'd love to engage in a productive conversation about this. If anyone wants to respond I'd love to hear and consider what you have to say. Who knows, you might even win me over.

  4. Very interesting post. There is a great Twitter account related to male voting: @BanMaleVotes

  5. Lady Susan comments on Pepe Pepe above: "You are certainly correct that many women don't identify with Feminism, but the vast majority accept and support the Feminist agenda as do increasing numbers of men. The genie is out of the lamp and it's not going back in. Women are destined to shape society. Women are making the rules that men will live by, so live with it."

  6. Pepe says its OK to ask for equality between the sexes but then goes on to say Feminism is going to far. Feminism means equality between the sexes. To me that is limiting to both males and Women as the latter are superior not equal. Femsup

  7. I was once an avid reader of Nancy and Dennis at Mark Remond's blog. They wrote some of the best FLR posts & guidelines one can find online. As a young male I learned a lot from Dennis' writings, especially about working at a female-led workplace (more and more of us men are working under female bosses nowadays). The West in general is becoming more female-centered, which I think is great, and he offered great advice on how to adopt a submissive stance towards women. As for Ms Nancy, she was truly awe-inspiring, women like her are the future! So thank you Lady Susan for writing more about your family and sharing your thoughts on FLR. You are so right when you say "women are making the rules that men will live by", and I hope you'll continue to write!