Friday, May 10, 2019


[Note from Thomas Lavalle: The Internet  was in its infancy when I first stumbled, to my prurient delight, on femdom sites (long before the term “FLR). When I found something especially provocative, I would save it to file. Happily, a good many of these text captures have survived, though in most cases I can no longer trace them to their sources—e.g., a particular bulletin board, newsgroup, forum or social networking site. As an example, I am unable to document where I unearthed either of the two citations below, but I’ve decided to share them with the readers of this blog anyway. Both selections are unapologetic testaments—as I thought when I first read them—to a lifestyle of uncompromising female supremacy. Both “Lady E” and “Caligula” affirm their right and preference not only to own male slaves but to treat them as chattel. Interestingly, as you will discover, both extracts explore similar techniques for keeping household males strictly in their place and out of the way when not needed.]

LADY ‘E’—I was having a problem with my husband who is submissive to me. He is a good creature but at times he was just too attentive. There were times when I just wanted to relax and not have him at my feet always begging to do something for me. It wasn’t right to punish him for it because I trained him to always make my needs his priority. Even when I told him to sit and be quiet, it seemed that every time I got up to do something, he felt the need to jump. I got tired of telling him to sit.

I consulted an experienced domme friend, who told me just to “park him someplace.” It seemed cruel to do this to a creature that was trying to do so good. But I tried it anyway. I came home from work one night and he had dinner ready for me. We ate and I took a shower while he cleaned up. I really just wanted to sit back that evening and read, without having to be “Mistress.” When I came into my living room, there he was, sitting on the floor, waiting for me. It almost pissed me off! I decided this was the night I was going to do it!

I told him to get me the ball gag, blindfold, my locking cuffs and some chain. I also told him to use the bathroom. When he got back, he was instructed to remove his clothes. I had placed a kitchen chair at a wall opposite where I was going to sit in the room. I put a pillow on the chair to make sure it was comfortable and turned it to face the wall. He was instructed to sit and put his arms behind him. Then I locked his wrists and ankles in cuffs and used a length of chain to connect them. This arrangement, I thought, should allowed him to remain comfortable for a number of hours.

He was so quiet and cooperative that I almost felt sorry for wanting to store him away for the night. Almost, but not quite! I inserted the ball gag and then told him that he was “being parked for the night” until I needed him. As I placed the blindfold over his eyes I told him that I was not punishing him, but just putting him away like one puts a car in a garage when they don’t need it.

He remained quiet and still for a very long time, only stirring occasionally. After about an hour I took out the ball gag for a minute and then released him to check and see if he was all right and allow him to stretch a bit. Then I “parked” him again.

I had such a pleasant evening that night! So much time of quiet all to myself without the responsibility of giving orders. Later that night, when I released him to go to bed, he seemed much more relaxed as well.

Parking him has become a regular thing now. It seems too simple to work so well that I can hardly believe it. Needless to say, I am extremely thankful to my domme friend for this advice.


CALIGULA—I am a liberated woman. I am what I want to be and I am where I want to be at this time in my life. I would love to help other women to achieve what I have because I believe in the natural superiority of the female over the male; so to this end I will try and relate how I achieved and maintain control over my slave.

Most men have a very overblown ego. They learn this as little boys and they continue to exercise this silly posturing for most of their life until they meet a woman capable of deflating it, and eventually destroying it. To begin them on this journey a capable woman must systematically chip away at their self-esteem.

To begin this process; introduce him very early on to the concept of obedience to you. Most men can be subtly introduced to this by appealing to his ego and letting him think he is just doing his “man thing,” pleasing his lady. At this point, or very soon, you can introduce subtle punishment to him. At first just withhold sex, or perhaps don’t allow him to see you for some period of time. Using your own superior female wiles, you can soon begin to use physical discipline on him.

He will think it is a bedroom game that you are playing. He will learn the truth, too late. He should see very soon that you are serious about it. When you have established that disobedience will result in discipline, you have started him well on his way. No man can continue with his inflated male ego while being punished by a woman. As you introduce him to more and more regular sessions of physical punishment, you can begin to introduce him to some rules. Once you have done this, it is only a matter of time before you will have you a personal servant or slave—if you wish.

I personally suggest you continue his training until you have enslaved him. This is what I have done and I could not be happier. My slave is completely broken and is at this time completely subject to my will. Why wouldn’t I be happy? Why would every woman not do this? In addition to having a slave to serve you, he will submit to every torture and degrading situation you put him in. You have to continue to do this, too. It is the way you keep him broken. Need some pointers? Okay!

PUNISH OFTEN—You will find countless reasons. I spank my male every day. To keep his rear in shape, I like to put hand cream on it every day as well (keeps it soft). If you feel he is getting used to it, put a nice hot towel on his butt before you spank him. It increases the pain a lot. You will find all of this will increase you power over him, and you will find that you look forward to it and will enjoy the way it destroys his will power. Remember, you are not trying to teach him anything. You are simply trying to keep him down.

NEVER LET HIM ON THE FURNITURE—I keep one stool that is his. He knows where he goes when I am not using him.

NEVER LET HIM SPEAK—Work out a sign he can use if he wishes to say something. Then punish him for using it. Soon he will learn to not speak at all.

CONTROL HIS FUNCTIONS—Get him on a schedule and he will get used to it. Then you will not be disturbed by him needing things when you are using him. Also, it further degrades him to know he cannot even control this.

CONTROL HIS ACTIVITIES—There is no need for your slave to be entertained. When mine is serving me, if I see him glance at the TV, you guessed it—punishment! I use a “white sound” tape to block out all sound while I am watching TV. He must have his earphones on so that he doesn’t hear it. I doubt that he has seen or heard much TV or radio at all for the last few years.

DEFINE HIS POSTURE—Until he has been broken, require him to keep his head bowed and eyes lowered. In addition to degrading him, it is uncomfortable for him and enjoyable to see. When you are punishing him, never allow him to move in any way. I prefer him to remain limp, draped over whatever I have placed him over. When I first began his training, he would become limp after I made him weak by continuing his punishment. Now he knows that he must be that way at all times. I enjoy the way it looks and it makes him feel more useless.

BE STRICT—Remember that you are not here to please him, and you are not trying to teach him anything. You are breaking him down mentally and emotionally. Never allow him to deviate even a small amount from your rules. Punish, punish, punish!!!

ENJOY YOURSELF—I have talked to some ladies who begin to feel sorry for their slaves. Big mistake! If you do this, he will take advantage of it and in time will become a problem. Remind him often of his inferior place in life. Laugh at him, belittle him, let him know his suffering is enjoyable to you. If you have a girlfriend who is agreeable, do these things in front of her. This really destroys their self--image.

REMEMBER—This is permanent and your control should only grow as time passes. My slave will never again have any control over his life, nor will he ever go a day without being tortured. If you came to my house you would see a broken man, cowering before his Mistress. I intend to destroy him even more. He really is quite pathetic and I love it!!!



  1. the end of the post is quite appropriate

     Laugh at him, belittle him, let him know his suffering is enjoyable to you. If you have a girlfriend who is agreeable, do these things in front of her. This really destroys their self--image.

    my wife loves to point out the petite nature of what should be my manhood. references to seinfeld shrinkage and the like. she will laugh as i react to pain her favourite being nipple pain she will squeeze really hard and even harder as she lets go sending an even bigger pain that is like a pulse into me. it almost glows as it calms she will laugh if i wince or try to pull away

    three of her friends know of my status. all three ladies delight in joining in with my wife in my torment

    its embarrassing. its humiliating. but also so much fun

  2. Hello sissy snow,
    Thank you for your comments. I like the fact that your Wife has exposed you to
    Her friends. I read about Her Daughter that has some knowledge of your status.
    How is it possible that the Daughter does not know or suspect the cuckolding aspect?

    1. my wife is a nurse so has to work evenings and weekends. we will use her working as cover for her dating i know where she is our friends know where she is to our daughter she is at work

  3. Its so very important to lose all ones ego and pretensions. To be parked like an inanimate object is good for the male soul and very much practiced in chez Ms Zardoz's house.Zardoz

  4. I'm new to all of this and would like a woman's opinion on the following:
    Should a man still have leadership functions at the workshop, or should he be supervised by a woman, even though she's much younger and less experienced?

    I'm in a situation where I only have female bosses and I'm not getting promoted.